Would You Drink Vodka from Arby’s?

by Courtney Blackann

Everyone loves some Arby’s after a night of drinking, but what if now you can kill two birds with one stone? Well, you can – kind of – by channeling some delicious curly or crinkly fries with Arby’s French fry-flavored vodka. No, seriously. The fast-food chain unveiled the two liquors which will be available for a limited amount of time.

The Crinkly and Curly Fry Vodkas will come from potatoes (obviously) and be 80 proof. They will also be available to purchase at ArbysVodka.com and run at a decent price of $59.99. The first round will be available beginning November 18, with a second round on November 22.

The company released a Twitter announcement as well as a statement about the new product and where to find it.

“Arby’s recently added a Crinkle-cut option to accompany our iconic Curly Fries, providing another choice for fry-lovers,” Patrick Schwing, Arby’s chief marketing officer, says in the statement, per Yahoo! News

“Though we’ve mastered the art of drive-thru fries, we wanted to take it one step further – by making them 80-proof. Being a potato-based liquor, this limited-edition vodka is infused with crinkle and curly fry flavor so Arby’s fans can enjoy our menu from bag to bottle,” Schwing adds. 

Other Food Chains and Alcohol

Additionally, Arby’s isn’t the only chain food company to delve into the world of alcohol production. Taco Bell, Cheez-Its and Kraft-Heinz all rolled out specialty alcohol with the launch of a new food product.

Further, the consumer demand for more alcohol options increased with the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. People are drinking more at home and therefore, want more at-home options.

An expert suggests that “flavored subcategories – from beer to vodka to U.S. whiskey – are significantly outperforming traditional non-flavored subcategories. Flavor is also the top consumer driver of the fast-growing ready-to-drink category, and that’s likely creating a halo effect on total alcohol as well,” beverage market analytics firm IWSR said.

So, if flavored alcohol to you means French fries, then you’ll definitely want to grab a bottle of the Arby’s flavored vodka. Don’t forget a nice Beef ‘N’ Cheddar while you’re at it!

Arby’s Replaces Fan-Favorite Food Item

While Arby’s potato cakes were once a favorite, the food chain decided in May to replace them. They did this with the crinkle fry. A test run of the food showed that people immensely enjoy the crinkle fries ahead of the potato cakes. The potato cakes are a “shredded potato fried to a crispy golden-brown,” a company spokesperson said.

The new menu item has since been a huge success.

“Our Curlies have long been a fan favorite, but after many months of R&D and extensive market testing, customers made it clear our all-new Crinkles were a hit and we had created a true companion on equal footing to its legendary predecessor,” says the spokesperson.