Would You Drive This Ford Mustang-Pickup Truck Mashup?

by Shelby Scott

Ford has released some pretty awesome vehicular mashups lately, one being their Bronco-turned-tank. However, now, the iconic American car brand has debuted yet another interesting mashup. Interestingly, it comes courtesy of the Ford Mustang and a Ford pickup.

According to Fox News, the Ford mashup originated in a custom truck shop in Thailand. The vehicles used to create the unique ride features the frontal fascia of a ShelbyGT350 and the body style of a Ford Ranger. Of course, the Ford mashup also features the iconic double-white stripes prominent down the middle of the majority of Ford Mustangs.

As ridiculous as the new combination might sound, the images Fox released feature a pretty slick-looking pickup. For perspective, we could definitely see it on the set of the “Fast & Furious” franchise given the chance. Further, the style of the truck conjoined with the sporty statement of the Shelby GT mark only the beginnings of this unique mashup. The outlet stated the Ford Mustang pickup also comes with an air suspension that turns the truck into a lowriding hotrod.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much information regarding the details of the unique vehicle’s engine. However, Fox did say the Ford Rangers built and sold in Thailand come with turbo-charged diesel four-cylinder engines. If anything, we can assume the Ford mash-up packs a bit of punch under the hood.

Ford Combats Industry Shortage as Dealerships Struggle

The conductor chip shortage that’s plagued the auto industry since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic does not seem to be getting any better. The ever-important chips are necessary in electronics ranging from, of course, automobiles down to laptops and cellphones. However, they remain in short supply. Industries internationally are deciphering how to cope with the growing problem.

One unideal solution came as auto brands closed down assembly lines across the country. Both Ford and GM were forced to follow suit. In this way, they were able to avoid excess production without the necessary chips. And despite those shutdowns, both Ford and GM continue to avoid drops in profit.

As the shortage has endured as we enter nearly two years into the global pandemic, Ford has seen a rise in sales of larger vehicles. These include, obviously, pickup trucks as well as larger SUVs.

However, while Ford manages to rake in a profit despite the industry struggle, the chip shortage poses a major problem for consumers. Because companies are now focusing on their newer auto models, prices are drastically increasing and consumers are rapidly losing the ability to attain older, more affordable models.

Solid proof comes as auto lots across the country see a drastic lack of product. Many dealerships feature empty, or nearly empty lots, speaking to the international range of the shortage.