Would You Eat Little Debbie’s Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream?

by Clayton Edwards

Little Debbie presents a dilemma for millions of Americans every year. Many of us don’t like to see Christmas stuff out before Thanksgiving. Then, the queen of snack food brands drops their line of holiday-themed treats. It’s tough to be mad about Christmas tree cakes. They’re without a doubt the best thing in Little Debbie’s seasonal lineup. Some people look forward to them hitting shelves every year. This year, the snack giant is going in a different direction. They turned the classic Christmas Tree Cakes into ice cream.

According to USA Today, the Christmas Tree Cake ice cream will have all the things folks love about the holiday snack. It will be rich vanilla ice cream with chunks of yellowcake. The frozen treat will also feature red icing and green sprinkles. Is anyone else suddenly hungry or is it just me?

If you want to get in on the Christmas tree cake ice cream, it should be easy, but you’ll have to wait. The ice cream goes on sale on November 1st. However, you won’t have to spend the day looking for it because it’ll only be available at Walmart. It will also be about the same price as a box of the classic Christmas snack cakes. Each pint will cost $2.50.

The Internet Is Ready for Christmas Tree Cake Ice Cream

As you’d expect, Twitter blew up when people found out about the Christmas Tree Cake ice cream. After all, the snack giant is blending two delicious desserts into one. At the same time, Twitter gets pretty excited every day. So, the news was like throwing gas on a bonfire.

Several Twitter users lamented that this new ice cream would be the thing that wrecks their diet. Holidays make it hard to stick to a healthy diet. First, there’s Halloween candy, then Thanksgiving dinner happens. If that doesn’t throw off your diet, Christmas comes with a huge meal and a plethora of sweet treats. This Christmas Tree Cake ice cream is going to be hard to turn down. NotTheBee summed up the feelings of frustrated dieters on Twitter.

The Southern-based comedy site It’s a Southern Thing pretty much nailed the overall reaction among snack cake connoisseurs.

Find us on Twitter and let us know what you think about Little Debbie’s Christmas Tree Cake ice cream. Is it something you can pass up? Are you counting the days until the first of November? Personally, I’m wondering if I can get one of those grocery delivery services to bring me a pint or two. Those cakes are great and I love ice cream as much as the next guy, but Walmart is my least favorite place to go. Once again, Little Debbie presents a tough holiday dilemma.