Would You Say Yes to This Busch Beer Camo Can-Inspired Wedding Dress?

by Courtney Blackann

Most brides picture walking down the aisle in something really romantic, sparkly and white. But maybe you’re not most brides. Which means this dress could be ‘the one.’ Busch Beer is doing something a little unusual. The company is teaming up with David’s Bridal to create that dream wedding dress – with a twist. The entire dress will be camouflage.

The dress actually doesn’t look terrible. It’s an A-line ball gown with a slit and thin straps. It’s less country bumpkin and more country chic. Which is perfect for an outdoor wedding with a party full of the company’s beer. Plus you’ll look good holding the Busch Beer camo-series cans.

“SAY YES TO THE BUSCH @DAVIDSBRIDAL CAMO WEDDING DRESS AND BOWTIE! ​ Designed from our own camo can print, the only thing people will be able to see is your love!​” the beer company tweeted.

Lots of people replied positively to the announcement. I mean, who wouldn’t? Traditional weddings are completely beautiful, but taking a little risk will definitely be memorable.

“Is this a joke? Because I fell in love,” one tweeter said.

“Could I marry your beer?” another person said.

Additionally, the company made matching bow ties for the groom. How cute! They’ve really knocked it out of the park with these designs.

Drinking Beer for Good Cause

Speaking of beer, it’s better when you’re drinking with friends. What’s even better? Beer festivals that raise money for a good cause. This is the case of the Michiana Beer Festival in Indiana. This year marks the second year that organizers put on the event. It had great success during its first run and this time, it sold more than 800 tickets.

In total, the event raised between $10 – 15 thousand for Resale to the Rescue. Several people at the event mentioned how cool the whole thing is.

“I mean, it’s cool to see South Bend and the surrounding areas are coming together, bringing people to see the ins and outs of how the business works and how distilleries do the process that they do and what makes the good beer that I enjoy drinking,” one person said.

Further, another organizer said how fulfilling it is that so many local people would come out to support a good cause.

Frank Squadroni said he felt humbled by the huge attendance. “We are beyond overwhelmed. We are very heartfelt-thankful for all the people who are coming out today.” He additionally loved that local breweries like South Bend Brew Werks and Bare Hands Brewery had a chance for people to try their beer.