WWII Vet and Wife Celebrate 75th Anniversary With Wedding They Always Wanted

by Michael Freeman

Being in the military carries its own rewards and hardships for couples. In the case of a WWII veteran and his wife, they never had a huge wedding. Fortunately, they did 75 years later, with the ceremony they always wanted.

WCHS reports the West Virginia couple finally got the wedding they longed for after 75 years this month. Ulysses and Lorraine Dawson were unable to have a large ceremony years ago. Having to skip the traditional events because Ulysses was in the Army, they threw a big party for friends and families. As a throwback to his time in the military, Ulysses donned his veteran WWII uniform, the same thing he wore to their first wedding.

“I thank God for him. I could never find a better one,” Lorraine happily told the news outlet. She continued, informing them how she and her husband met. More than 75 years ago, when they were both teenagers, they came from different areas. Ulysses hailed from Sissonville, while she was from Boone County. After seeing him for the first time, she dropped a bucket of water she was holding to get to a well and be closer to him. Yelling to get his attention, they’ve been inseparable since.

Speaking to Good Morning America, one of the couple’s daughters, Laverna Sharon Adkins, talked about the wedding. “She [Lorraine] said, ‘You know, I’ve never had a wedding. I’d really like to have a wedding.'” Their other daughter, Rita Poling, said their mother often spoke about what it would be like to own a gown. After hearing that, Laverna shares since it was their mom’s wish, they all got together and did it.

The wedding went off without a hitch and in front of five generations of their family, no less.

97-Year-Old WWII Veteran’s Hometown Welcomes Him After 40 Years

It’s not unusual at all for military veterans to go long periods without seeing their homes or hometowns. That was especially true for one 97-year-old WWII veteran who finally went home after 40 years.

Cliff Stump hadn’t visited his hometown of Adel, Iowa in 40 years until recently. Finally coming back this month, he was treated to something special: a key to the city. Dallas County News covered the event, with Mayor Jim Peters presenting the hero with the key during a ceremony.

“Cliff Stump, Adel High graduate of 1943, you grew up in Adel,” the mayor said. “And you joined the Army right out of high school.” Though humbled, Stump corrected the mayor, saying it was actually a month after graduating.

Nonetheless, the mayor continued, saying “As mayor of Adel, and a fellow veteran and fellow Adel alum, I would like to welcome you to Adel. I welcome you back home.”