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Wyoming Whiskey Releases National Parks No. 2 Straight Bourbon Whiskey to Celebrate Yellowstone’s 150th Anniversary

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Catherine Falls Commercial/Getty Images)

Wyoming Whiskey, the “Whiskey of the West,” is releasing a special product in celebration of Yellowstone National Park’s 150th Anniversary. March 1, 2022 marked the park’s 150th birthday, and it’s only right to celebrate with a little imbibing. Additionally, if you’re planning a trip, we’ve got the top ten things to know before heading to the park this summer.

As a result of the milestone, the whiskey brand is releasing the National Parks No. 2 straight bourbon whiskey in partnership with Yellowstone Forever, the official non-profit of Yellowstone National Park. National Parks No. 2 is the second batch of whiskey to honor a national park since April 2021. The annual release first recognized Grand Teton National Park. It now coincides with Yellowstone’s big birthday. It’s currently available in the park and all across Wyoming.

According to Yahoo Finance, the initial run of Wyoming Whisky’s National Parks series last year raked in over $120,000 for the National Parks Foundation. This year, the brand is pledging to donate $150,000 to Yellowstone Forever.

“Wyoming Whiskey was born on the doorstep of Yellowstone and it has played a profound role in the development of our brand and the enrichment of our people,” said Wyoming Whiskey co-founder David DeFazio. “Our partnership with Yellowstone Forever recognizes the importance of the Park and provides the perfect opportunity to support current and future conservation needs.”

Yellowstone Forever President and CEO Lisa Diekmann also made a statement regarding Wyoming Whiskey’s involvement in the organization. “Yellowstone Forever is proud to have Wyoming Whiskey on board as a partner in Yellowstone’s future,” said Diekmann. “Their commitment to preserving the world’s first national park will help ensure that the next generation experiences a vibrant and thriving Yellowstone.”

Wyoming Whiskey Releases Limited Edition Bourbon Whiskey for Yellowstone National Park’s 150th Birthday

The whiskey itself is made only from local grain and water; Wyoming grain is non-GMO, while the brand gets its water from a 6,000-year-old limestone aquifer. The whiskey is bottled at 105 proof, and is made up of “68-percent corn, 20-percent wheat, and 12-percent malted barley,” according to Yahoo Finance, who also provided tasting notes.

Firstly, Wyoming Whiskey’s National Parks No. 2 has an amber-goldenrod color, with a complicated yet sophisticated nose: sandalwood, cane sugar, orange cream, peach, and lemon peel. Sounds sweet, yet earthy in the sandalwood notes. Secondly, the palate is definitely desserty: we’re talking marzipan buttercream, carrot cake, browned spices, with hints of toffee and salted caramel.

Thirdly, the mouthfeel is described as “ethereal,” which I think could sum up Yellowstone National Park in a word. If we want to get poetic about it, the whiskey mirrors the landscape; otherworldly, dreamy, an experience best seen (or tasted) in person. Just don’t try and taste Yellowstone National Park. Remember, take only pictures, leave only footprints.