YETI Coolers Unveils Limited Edition Tundra Cooler for 15th Anniversary

by Jon D. B.

“YETI Nation is 15 Years Cold,” says the legendary cooler giant, and they’re celebrating with this gorgeous limited-edition XV Tundra!

Are you a YETI fan? What Outsider isn’t? It feels hard to believe, but the brand is 15-years-old now. Which, of course, means it’s time to celebrate with a special release!

“YETI Nation is 15 Years Cold, and we’re celebrating with a limited-edition XV Tundra® 50 Cooler,” announces YETI via their official Instagram alongside the killer shots below.

“This fan-favorite-sized hard cooler features elements that nod to our legendary heritage. Its customized two-tone lid and base match perfectly with marine blue latches, rope handles, and an iconic original YETI® Coolers badge logo,” they continue, before pointing customers to the link-of-purchase.

When there, well… As YETI fans know, their products aren’t cheap – but you absolutely get what you pay for. The company’s 15th anniversary effort will set an Outsider back $499.99. There’s a ton of cool aesthetic features on the XV Tundra, but it is still a pretty basic, straight-forward cooler in juxtaposition to a $500 price tag.

However, we’ve got to say – regardless of price – this is one sexy cooler. Check out the announcement shots for yourself below.

As for the size of this release, the outside of the XV measures 17 5/8” × 17 3/4” × 24 1/4, which fits directly into the “fan favorite” size YETI totes.

In addition to this compact-yet-large enough to store a day’s brew-ha-has design, the XV Tundra features deep-cut cube build. The fresh marine blue theme is also evident throughout – from the rope handles to the OG YETI Coolers badge. Then, the sleek gray mixed with the marine blue creates the perfect look for any boat.

YETI Coolers’ XV Tundra is One Sexy Cooler

Honestly, it’s not this author’s favorite thing to assign words like “sexy” to an inanimate object… But here, YETI is forcing my hand.

The company is, however, including a stainless steel commemorative hangtag and steel product plaque (made to look like a sticker) on each XV Tundra. So take that for what you will.

Outsiders will enjoy knowing that a portion of each of these marine-themed coolers will fund a donation to the International Game Fish Association, though. Which is excellent!

“We’re bringing back the deeper cube-shaped build of the Tundra® 50 Hard Cooler, a fan favorite that takes up less deck space and provides an ideal casting platform and seat,” the brand further emphasizes. “A customized two-tone lid and base correlate with marine blue latches, rope handles, an iconic original YETI® Coolers badge logo, and a three-layer traction pad. All while delivering on the same YETI® toughness that has kept food and drinks ice cold for the last decade and a half,” they conclude.

Ready to grab one? That… Will be a bit harder. By the time this article was finished, the coolers had sold out lightning-quick online. But the official page – which you can check out here – does detail “Authorized Dealers” local to you, which may have one or two in stock.

What say you in the end, Outsiders and YETI fans? Does this “nod to our legendary heritage” by the brand do their 15th-anniversary justice?