YETI Releasing New Collection Inspired By Pastel Canyons for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

by Shelby Scott

YETI is a popular brand among Outsiders, if not one of the most popular brands. Known for their iconic simplicity and robust design, they serve as the perfect backdrop for sticker and decal collectors. However, they’re also popular for their wide range of colors, new palettes and pigmentations debuting, seemingly, on a revolving basis. Now, as October signifies Breast Cancer Awareness Month, YETI is releasing their new Sandstone Collection collection, inspired by pastel-colored canyons.

The beautiful new color is every Outsider’s pastel-colored dream. The soft pink indicates the beauty of mountain sunsets, sandstone canyons, and so much more. YETI’s latest post captures a variety of their products in the color. These include the iconic YETI Rambler as well as several of the brand’s beloved travel mugs.

Further, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, YETI shared philanthropic endeavors associated with purchases of the limited edition products. “In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” YETI’s post began, “we’re donating up to $50,000 each to Boarding for Breast Cancer (@b4bc) and @CastingThroughRecovery through Sandstone drinkware proceeds.”

The brand further shared that the two organizations “advocate for breast cancer prevention and recovery through celebrating life outdoors.”

Now, if that doesn’t speak to your Outsider state of mind, I don’t know what will. But as a YETI enthusiast myself, now I have to get my hands on one of the Sandstone drinkware items.

Origins of YETI’s Sandstone Color Palette

Okay, obviously the color pink is representative of Breast Cancer Awareness throughout the month of October. Outsiders stand by our breast cancer warriors and survivors, but the Sandstone collection has even further significance.

The pink palette comes just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Although, it also, as I said before, represents the natural colors and shades of our nation’s canyons. However, specifically, the collection gets its inspiration from sandstone formations in the United States’ Valley of Fire. The Valley of Fire is specifically located in the Mojave Desert in the southwest region of the country.

Emily Miller, the founder of Rebelle–the first women’s-only rally car race in the Valley of Fire–spoke with YETI about the significance of the Valley and the sandstone’s colors itself. Her feature clip captures her experience rally car racing. But it also captures her long familiarity with the Valley of Fire and the beautiful colors throughout.

Like the YETI’s sandstone collection, the pale pink of the desert reflects out at us from the video and we can see variations in the shades and colors through the geological layers of the canyon formations.

So not only does YETI’s new collection bring us closer to our breast cancer warriors and survivors. It also brings us closer to the beauty of the American Southwest, despite any distance between it and us.