YETI Releases Veteran’s Day Ramblers Benefiting Families of Fallen Military Members

by Michael Freeman

The YETI brand is known for its quality products such as coolers and other accessories. To celebrate Veteran’s Day, the company recently announced its appreciation for our nation’s military members by releasing ramblers that benefit families of fallen military members.

Announcing the effort on Instagram, the company is excited to give back to the people who pay the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

“The YETI Veterans Day Tumbler is back – this time as a Rambler 30 oz Tumbler,” the company captioned their social media post. “In support of @foldsofhonor, an organization that champions educational scholarships for families of fallen soldiers and disabled vets, we’re donating up to $150,000 through the sale of this YETI Rambler.”

To be specific, for every rambler sold, YETI will donate $5 to Folds of Honor. This nonprofit provides educational scholarships to those coming from families of fallen military members. As of today, the reputable organization has awarded more than 35,000 scholarships to these families.

Typical of the YETI brand, the rambler is of high quality. It’s comprised of kitchen-grade stainless steel and double-wall insulation. As such, you can expect your drink of choice to remain piping hot or freezing cold. Additionally, it features the company’s YETI logo, a copper PVD finish, and an etched American flag. You can buy the ramblers in red, white, or blue colors.

Keep in mind these are limited items, so if you’re interested, better to pull the trigger now. You can purchase them through the company’s official website.

FAA Honors 82-Year-Old Veteran’s 50 Years of Flying

Flying for many serves as a fun, interesting hobby. However, for others, it’s a way of life. That’s certainly the case for an 82-year-old veteran with 50 years of flying under his belt. To recognize the monumental accomplishment, the Federal Aviation Administration honored the storied pilot.

United States veteran Carroll William Joye adores flying. “I think it’s the greatest thing in the world that I ever did, other than give my life to God,” the pilot stated. “It means a whole lot to me.” Further, Joye added, “It means I have gone 50 years and have not had a serious incident or accident. It is a big thing.”

The FAA awarded him the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award, one of the most prestigious there is. One of the prerequisites for legibility is having a staggering 50 or more years combined experience piloting or in aircraft operations. Additionally, Joye sports more than 30,000 hours of flight time.

The Military Times also reports South Carolina FAA District Office Manager Randy DeBerry congratulated him on the incredible achievement. “Your professionalism as an airman has contributed to the safety of our national airspace system and has enabled safe air travel by many Americans for more than half a century,” DeBerry wrote. “Congratulations on a very successful aviation career.”