You Can Finally Make a Gingerbread House Dive Bar Courtesy of Miller High Life

by Liz Holland
Getty Images

Nothing quite says ‘dive bar’ like a Miller High Life. This holiday season, the brand is embracing the ‘hometown bar for the holidays’ aesthetic so many associate with their beer.  Releasing December 6th, American lager lovers will be able to get their hands on their very own DIY Gingerbread Dive Bar kit, courtesy of Miller High Life.

Miller High Life Spin on a Long Standing Tradition

Making a gingerbread house is a holiday tradition treasured by many American families. Although the tradition originated in Germany, its become an integral part of the Christmas holiday in many homes. Making gingerbread houses on Christmas eve with your siblings, after Christmas Dinner, or even at school during the holidays. Another holiday tradition for many includes hanging out at your hometown dive bar. The nostalgia that comes with seeing old childhood friends that are there doing the same, is truly a Christmas staple. Miller High Life has found the perfect festive blend of these two treasured traditions. 

The beer brand is going all out for this stunt. Although the gingerbread houses will be up for grabs on December 6th, it’s likely the product will sell out quickly. Customers will receive in their kit instructions for building, as well as all the embellishments. Amongst these embellishments will be peppermints, pretzels, gumdrops, and graham crackers. However, the sugary fun doesn’t stop there. Due to the dive bar theme, the kit will also include a dartboard, pool table, neon signs, a tiny jukebox, and more small-town decorations. Continuing to put in an impressive attention to detail, curators of the kit are also including Vermont maple syrup packets. These syrup packets are meant to be used to imitate that “sticky floor feeling” most dive bars we know and love are infamous for. 

The Little Things

The attention to detail the brand has put in here is impressive. When gingerbread folks step out of the Miller High Life gingerbread dive, they will be met with a peppermint pergola outside, complete with a game of cornhole. Their way will be illuminated by appropriately dim string lights. If they decide to go back in after, they can make their way to a candy pool table complete with gumball billiard balls and a pretzel stick cue. 

The kits will also include a customizable sign so you can name your dive bar. Most excitingly, the gingerbread pieces of the house will be infused with the Miller High Life beer itself! The kit will be available for $50 in Miller High Life’s online store. The self-proclaimed ‘champagne of beers’ says their spin on this holiday tradition is “a bit less the North Pole and a bit more Milwaukee”. Although parts of the kit look delicious, the box clarifies the gingerbread dive is meant for fun, not to be eaten. Looks like you’ll have to head to a real dive bar to get fried food and beer this year!