You Can Now Sip Whiskey at the Coolest Place Ever: Maker’s Mark Family Opening Historic Kentucky Home for Rent

by Megan Molseed

Who doesn’t love kicking back with a glass of whiskey? Some days, there are few things better than kicking back with your favorite drink, letting the day’s events just fade into the background. Now, the makers of one of the world’s most popular bourbons, Maker’s Mark, are allowing whiskey drinkers to make those moments even better.

How will Maker’s Mark do this?

Easy, the Maker’s Mark family is opening up their historic home inviting whiskey lovers to spend some time sipping on their world-class liquours in the home where it was made to be enjoyed.

For the first time, the Maker’s Mark is offering the three-bedroom Bardstown Kentucky home for anyone who wants to rent it for a night, a weekend, or however long they choose.

And, to make a perfect opportunity even better, the historic Kentucky home includes an epic bourbon bar. All for the guests, of course!

More Than Just Sipping

This unique opportunity will provide the perfect “whiskey sipping” atmosphere for lovers of the world-famous liquor. It will also include the opportunity to learn the histories of both the Marker’s Mark product; and the famous Samuel’s family’s history.

The home includes some unique artifacts behind the popular whiskey’s original brand and its popular look. In the home, guests can catch a glimpse of the original deep fryer; the very one that created the brand’s iconic wax tendrils in the whiskey’s early days.

The home also includes a parlor.

This one-of-a-kind parlor includes an epic hand-made which features 150 years’ worth of the Samuels family products. All of which, guests are welcome to enjoy during their stay.

“Owned and operated by the founding family of Maker’s Mark Distillery, you’ll enjoy a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience an intimate piece of Kentucky bourbon history like an insider,” wrote the family of the manor.

The home was bought and renovated by Rob Samuels; who is the eighth generation of the family of historic whiskey makers.

“Set amidst two acres fitted with mature oak trees and surrounded by horse pastures, the traditional home features of a 200-year-old Federal-style manor home combine with the modern luxury of plush group travel accommodations that were as carefully crafted as the whiskey they are known for,” the description continues.

It features opulent bedding, and a chef’s kitchen equipped with the best appliances.

The impressive get-away home also includes everything the guests need during their stays. Such as bath products and dinnerware for all to enjoy.

Sipping Maker’s Mark Whiskey As It Was Intended to Be Enjoyed

And, of course, this Maker’s Mark home features products to help the whiskey lovers enjoy the drinks; just as they are meant to be enjoyed. The home features custom-blown glassware and a whiskey icemaker to make sure each sip is the best it can be.

While sipping on the world-class liquor guests can also enjoy the home’s outdoor dining spaces, and a game room.

“Here, you can sip whisky with the icons,” the family says of the historic opportunity.

Guests can add to their booking, including some amazing add-ons during their stay. Opportunities such as distillery tours, discussions with former Maker’s Mark chairman and history buff Bill Samuels Jr.

Additionally, guests can also request chef-prepared dinners designed especially to pair with the popular whiskey.