You Can Now Stay at a Renovated Semi Truck Trailer Tiny House

by Courtney Blackann

For those who love to travel and take part in a unique experience, there may be a company you want to check out. That is, if your travel plans include heading abroad. The European start-up Good Spot is recycling retired truck trailers and converting them into tiny houses. With companies like VRBO and Airbnb offering experiences rather than just hotels, the company found a way to get in on the niche travel experience.

For founder Roman Sokolowski, it was a no-brainer. With a surplus of old trailers, he thought it would be pretty cool to transform the 355 square foot space into something more. By using the space creatively, he was able to transform the rectangular trucks into an amazing off-grid experience.

Of course, the tiny house trend took off years ago – with HGTV highlighting the benefits of living simply. Not only are these spaces affordable and fun, but they allow you to stay somewhere completely unique. It could be near the glaciers of Iceland or the green pastures of Ireland. The experience is elevated by small touches that make the space feel cozy, private and exclusive.

And who wouldn’t want that? Traveling somewhere new isn’t all about where you stay – it’s about the memories made. But having something small and unique will definitely enhance the experience.

We mentioned it was also affordable. Staying in one of Good Spot’s tiny houses will cost about $50 to $150 US dollars per night – but with a better view than a normal hotel room.

The Tiny House Layout

Each space is gorgeous – customizing the space to feel much bigger than it is. The rooms are crisp, clean and open. The showers are full size and easily compete with luxurious hotel bathrooms.

Additionally, the large windows create lots of light – which, again – makes you feel like you’re in a much bigger place than you are. Plus, the best thing about staying in a small space is that you won’t have much to clean when it’s time to head home.

With four different floor plans to choose from (twin, standard, accessibility, and single) there’s also something for everyone. Further, the company is even considering opening a tiny restaurant to go along with their tiny houses.

Not only is the company tackling the tiny house rental arena, it has plans to sell and distribute tiny homes in the future. So if your travel plans include Europe in the next few months – or even years – check out Good Spot and see how you can stay in one of these super cool trailers.

While they’re only dealing in Europe for now, we hope for our sake that they make their way to the U.S.