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The Marty Smith Podcast

by Caroline Bynum

My name is Marty Smith. I am Lainie’s husband, and Cambron, Mia and Vivian’s daddy. I’m a 15-year ESPN broadcast veteran, a New York Times Best Selling Author, and a partner at Outsider.

I live the Outsider brand. I care about God, family, country, unity, kindness, effort, passion, and the United States of America.

I’ve gone to China and Iceland and Paris and Rome for ESPN chasing the stories of the most celebrated athletes of our time. I’ve covered everything from College Football Playoff National Championships to The Masters.

But no matter where my branches may reach, I will forever be rooted in rural America. There’s a distinct pride in that.

That’s why The Marty Smith Podcast at Outsider matters so deeply to me — we learn the stories that shape the stars, in country music, sports and life. What a blessing. I am grateful.

Marty Smith
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