Man Jailed After Being Unable to Pay Huge Bill at Kid Rock’s Bar in Downtown Nashville

by TK Sanders

Metro Nashville Police said a 30-year-old man grew boisterous and then could not pay his bar tab at Kid Rock’s Big Honky Tonk and Rock n’ Roll Steakhouse last week.

According to police, Jonathan Cordon ran up a bar tab just over $500, but his credit card got declined. But an overdrawn account was just the beginning of his legal troubles. Cordon allegedly re-entered the bar multiple times through an open window after security threw him out for fighting with other guests.

Security said they witnessed Cordon acting extremely belligerent and intoxicated while causing a scene at the bar. That’s when security got fed up with his antics and called the police.

When it rains it pours, and as police were walking Cordon out to the patrol car, bartenders informed them that his tab remained unpaid. Ironically enough, Cordon may have gotten away with an unpaid bar tab had he just stayed away from the bar after his first removal.

But because he kept sneaking back in, bartenders and managers got smart to his behavior, and they made sure they punished him for the trouble. As a result, the Kid Rock bar decided to prosecute for the unpaid bar tab since Cordon indicated that he didn’t have any other way to pay besides his declined card.

Jonathan Josue Cordon was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on May 26th. He was charged with theft of services and public intoxication. He is free on a $1,100 cash bond.

Kid Rock’s Bar may face the occasional unruly customer, but the musician, himself, said he loves living in Nashville

Kid Rock said in a 2017 interview that he used to live in a Malibu mansion for many years, but has since downsized to a custom double-wide trailer in Middle Tennessee. The 102-acre property provides him a respite from the world, which he lamented for its deterioration in recent years.

“I live in a double-wide trailer. It’s not like I require a lot,” Kid Rock said. “You know, I’ve learned to downsize through the years and it really made me happy.”

He said sometimes he just wants to ask the planet to “stop and let me off.”

“I don’t know what the hell’s going on in this world,” Kid Rock said in an interview with Tucker Carlson. “Some days I just wanna stop this planet and let me off. I don’t know what to make of it anymore. I’m glad I got my little world here and my friends and family and some great fans. And we can just kind of go through this.”

He did say, though, that America can offer up some incredible people and experiences. And he expects to see them all on his new tour.

“Oh, I expect to see the best of America,” Kid Rock said. “We always do in places I show up to, you know, do what I do. Entertain people to the best of my ability. We always see just fun, hardworking, beer-drinking people. You know, 40-hour a week people that work so hard, that spend their money to come see me.”