Nashville’s Iconic Ernest Tubb Record Shop Reportedly To Reopen

by Jonathan Howard

Not so fast! The Ernest Tubb Record Shop is not going to close after all, it appears. New details have emerged about the future of the business. Nashville, rejoice! Back on May 3, the shop had a special edition of its Midnite Jamboree. So, for all you fans and customers that were disappointed, don’t fret just yet.

Record Shop Saga

  • In March it was announced that the Ernest Tubb Record Shop would close sometime in the “spring”
  • On May 3, the shop held a special Midnite Jamboree and then closed its doors after
  • David McCormick the former owner has commented publicly about the store opening
  • Thousands signed a petition to keep the shop open and the building untouched

It was over on Saving Country Music where a comment popped up. It happened to be from David McCormick, the former owner of the shop. He had originally planned on selling it over to JesseLee Jones and Emily Ann Cousins. Those two also own Robert’s Western World. The future of the business was in jeopardy.

Back on March 11, a statement came out from Jones about the shop closing.

“It’s with great sadness that we share the news that the Ernest Tubb Record Shop – building and business – will be sold. Due to changes in circumstances out of our control, it’s now clear the best way forward is to sell the business and the real estate.”

That was until McCormick’s comment ended up on the country music site.

“Too bad there are those out there who want to make up lies with their opinion. On a lighter note, the record shop will be reopening.”

That was corroborated by a statement from Cliff Gerken. He was a former buyer of the shop.

“Hundreds of news articles… Thousands of fans…Multiple petitions…And wonderful people who love country music and prayed for [its] heritage… Great news! The Ernest Tubb Record Shop is not closing!! They will be reopening soon!! Details will be forthcoming!!”

It really seems like the collective force of fans and those who care about the shop made this happen. Rare win for the people.

Ernest Tubb Record Shop Staying Open

It’s great to see that the shop will remain open. Perhaps there is new money behind the historic shop. Or, enough enthusiasm about it that the store can remain open and operating like usual. When you see a place that has a legacy like this country music landmark, it’s hard not to feel sad.

Folks came together, signed petitions, and did their best to spread the word. It seems that things worked out in the end. 75 years and counting. Nashville is going to have one of the oldest businesses and buildings in the city remain as is. That’s a win for everybody, if you ask me, Outsiders.