Nashville’s 4th of July Bash Brings Nearly 300,000 Visitors to Downtown

by Lauren Boisvert

Yesterday was July 4th, and Nashville’s Lower Broadway was packed with people ready to hear inspiring music, eat great food, and see spectacular fireworks. The downtown event, called Let Freedom Sing!, included a free show with Old Dominion, which also featured Cassadee Pope, Gramps Morgan, and Levi Hummon.

Nearly 300,000 people attended the event, swarming the streets of Lower Broadway. According to Music Row, the celebration’s fireworks display was the biggest in Nashville history. It was synchronized live with the Nashville Symphony.

After the celebration, CEO of Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp. Butch Spyridon made a statement summing up the event’s turnout. “We estimate attendance of 250,000 to 300,000 at the event site,” he said. “That’s about what we thought with July 4th being on a Monday, compared to last year’s record crowd of 350,000 coming on a Sunday.”

This celebration was the 38th for Nashville, and the 19th hosted by the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp. specifically. Last year’s celebration brought in $14.8 million for Nashville; with attendance a little lower this year, that number may not be as high. But, still, it’s a lot of revenue for the city, plus a great time for residents. We can only hope next year’s celebration has just as good of a turnout if not better.

The Top BBQ, Patios, and Brunch in Nashville, Courtesy of Outsider

Traveling to Nashville? Here at Outsider, we’re big fans; it’s where a lot of us live and work, after all. And we know what it’s all about. Looking for the best BBQ? We’ve got you covered. Want a good patio to lounge on and day drink? Look no further. What about the top brunch spot in the city? We’re here for you, and we love brunch. We’ve got lists on lists covering all things Nashville, but here’s just a taste of what the city has to offer.

As far as BBQ is concerned, there’s not one specific type or method done in Nashville. It’s an amalgamation of a lot of different grilling methods and sauce flavors from neighboring states and cities. So, there’s a lot of texture and skill that goes into Nashville BBQ. For a great Texas-inspired brisket experience, try Shotgun Willie’s.

For patios, we recommend somewhere you can bring your four-legged friend. Every outdoor space should be dog friendly, but that’s just me. Sonny’s Patio Pub & Refuge is a great place to have a drink (or a few) and spend some time with your dog. Invite your fellow dog people and have a pet party on the patio.

Lastly (for now) what about brunch? Say you love Nashville so much you decide to move there. When your friends or family come to visit, you’ve got to have a good brunch spot to take them on Sunday morning. We recommend The Tavern, with their red velvet waffle, eggs Benedict, and blood orange mimosas.