This New Nashville-Based Tennessee Bourbon Brand Is Geared Toward First Responders

by Amy Myers
(Photo by: Natasha Breen/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

A new bourbon company has entered the Tennessee scene. Its mission is to support first responders through the shared experience of a classic and strong spirit. Based in Nashville, Reverence Bourbon, released in March, is the first Black-owned bourbon in the state. And this is just one of the impressive characteristics behind the brand’s name.

Reverence Bourbon’s founder, Michael Frazier, is a first responder himself. Now a local firefighter, Frazier has known the difference that first responders have made since he was a child. Now, with the help of his new spirit, he hopes to give back to the community. Through Reverence Bourbon, Frazier can not only provide a quality drink but also by promoting support for fellow first responders.

“Reverence means deep respect for someone or something,” said Frazier in a prepared statement about the brand. “This bourbon was made for first responders. Reverence is dedicated to giving back to that community, which safeguards our families and our community. We should honor those who protect us in our moments of need.”

Regarding the bourbon’s flavor, the distiller notes “caramel, maple, and kettle corn. The palate is filled with Chocolate, malt, and oak. The finish is smooth and refreshing with clean hints of fresh cut spearmint. “

The Inspirational Story Behind Nashville’s First Responder Bourbon

Frazier’s mother was in the military and was deployed right after 9/11. At the time, Frazier was only 12 years old. This had a dramatic effect on the bourbon brand founder’s life, as his older brother had to drop out of his high school’s football program to take care of him while their mother was overseas. While this certainly was an emotional time for the proud Nashville resident, this period in time also shaped his work ethic and perspective on life.

Beyond his work at the Nashville Fire Department, the bourbon founder and first responder is also the co-founder of Hydrate the Hood, a local nonprofit. According to the organization, its mission is to “assist, advocate, and inspire individuals” who are victims of conflict and disaster.

According to the bourbon’s official site, Frazier believes “That success comes with hard work and perseverance through difficulties, and that we should celebrate every success in life. Therefore give Reverence.” 

Knowing how well bourbon pairs with cigars, the Nashville first responder didn’t stop with just the spirit. On top of his bourbon’s release, Frazier has also launched a companion, handmade cigar that uses Nicaraguan tobacco and a Sumatra wrapper. Both the wrapper and tobacco include notes of Reverence Bourbon.

While the bourbon-cigar pairing is only available online to Nashville and Memphis consumers, the brand promises that it will soon be able to ship its products to 46 states.