WATCH: Massive Fire Breaks Out Near Nissan Stadium During Nashville’s CMA Fest

by Jonathan Howard

If you’re in Nashville this Saturday, you might have noticed a giant billowing pillar of black smoke near Nissan Stadium. While the fire is not in a location where the 2022 CMA Fest is being held, it can be seen from all over downtown..

Here is a photo from someone downtown. You can roughly see where the fire is in relation to the stadium.

Nashville Fire Department says that the flames situation is being handled. The department says “CMA Fest is not in the blueprint of this incident.” So for those that are in town to catch some of the shows and your favorite artists, there shouldn’t be an issue with that.

According to local news, WKRN, the fire is at the 100 block of N. 1st street and is a structure fire. Right now the official word from NFD is that this is a commercial fire and there have been no injuries reported. So, right now crews are working to put out the flames.

Thankfully the flames are far enough away from this Marathon gas area. When something like this happens during a big weekend like CMA Fest it can be worrisome. However, things look like they are going to be just alright based on the latest statement from the Nashville Fire Department.

“Our crews have the fire at 151 N 1st Street contained and it is not spreading. We still have no injuries as our personnel continue to put out the fire,” the statement says.

Nashville Keeps the Party Going with CMA Fest

Today is another day of CMA Fest. So, Nashville is going to be packed with great acts, tons of fans, and more. With the fire situation seemingly under control, it’s nice to know that the festivities are not going to be messed up. It is going to be a hot weekend, but a fun one in Music City.

Just last night, things were going wild. As Carly Pearce took the stage, fans didn’t know what they were about to experience. While CMA Fest is a big time to do big things on stage, Pearce went above and beyond. Just as she was getting through her set, Wynonna Judd came out of nowhere and performed out on stage. The two sang “Why Not Me” as fans cheered them on.

When you have a chance to meet an idol it is always awesome. But for Pearce, it was more than that. She performed alongside “One of my musical heroes,” she said afterward.

For fans that were in the crowd, it was a special performance as well. Just one of those awesome moments that only an event like this and a city like Nashville could create.