10-Year-Old Oklahoma Boy Hailed as Hero for Saving Mom Who Was Having Seizure in Pool

by Shelby Scott

As moms, we all like to consider that at one point in our child’s life, we were once their “hero.” However, in a shocking turn of events, one Oklahoma boy became his mother’s hero when he saved her from drowning in a swimming pool as she began having a seizure.

Footage, pulled from a security camera, shows the moment the Oklahoma boy sees his mom having seizures in the pool and dives in, coming to her rescue. Wading through the water, the hero child wraps his arms around his mother’s torso and pulls her toward the ladder. Moments later, the family dog senses something is wrong, attempting to meet the boy on the pool’s steps. As the woman’s seizure continues, the 10-year-old seemingly managed to grab another adult’s attention, an elder man running to help him. Outsiders can see the scary incident below, but know that it may be discomforting to some viewers.

The boy, identified as Gavin Keeney, was awarded by Oklahoma’s Kingston Police Department for his heroic actions. The woman in the video, Lori Keeney, spoke out about the terrifying incident after recovering from the scare, calling it one of her “worst nightmares.”

Oklahoma Boy’s Mom Speaks Out About Near-Drowning

“Gavin had just got out of the pool and was on the porch and that’s when he heard me,” Lori wrote on social media. “He jumped in…the dog even tried to get in…he gets me over to the ladder and then my dad runs in.”

Per her statement, Keene’s seizure is the latest in a string of scary medical incidents which her son has helped her battle.

“About 1.5 years ago, I had just had an extensive cervical spinal fusion and wasn’t able to swallow well,” she recounted to Fox News Digital. “I choked on some food, and he even tried the Heimlich maneuver. The last thing I really remember is his little arms reach around me and try with all his might, and then he said, ‘I’m not strong enough, Mommy’…He then called 911.”

Following the Oklahoma boy’s latest heroics, Kingston’s police department wrote in a Facebook post, “Due to the quick actions of this young man his mother didn’t swallow any water and is still alive to this day. Thank you Gavin you are a true hero and a positive light for this community.”

2-Year-Old Child Saves Family From Destructive House Fire

As mentioned above, we like to think of ourselves as our children’s heroes, even on occasion, but oftentimes, it’s our children we have to thank. While 10-year-old Oklahoma resident Gavin Keene might just have a career as a future lifeguard, a two-year-old boy from Texas looks to have a promising career in firefighting after alerting his family to what quickly became a massively destructive house fire.

Earlier this year, Brandon Dahl toddled to his parents’ room after he sensed a fire had ignited in his family’s house. Heading to their bed, his mother, Kayla Dahl, recalled, “He tapped me on my feet in bed and was coughing and saying, ‘Mama, hot. Mama, hot.’ I turned around. I looked and all I saw way flames in the doorway.”

Fortunately, Brandon and his family made it out of the home safely, though they lost everything to the blaze.