10-Year-Old Rider Dies at Rodeo After Horse Falls on Him

by Jon D. B.

“He’s been a Legend since the day he was born,” says rodeo mother Raegan Williamson of her late 10-year-old son who bears the name.

Legend Williamson of Lufkin, Texas, died this weekend. The young rodeo prodigy was beyond excited for his rodeo competition in DeRidder, Louisiana which, due to a freak accident, would become his last.

“He did the goat-tying event, the calf-breakaway event and he was a header in the team roping event,” Legend’s father, Kelly Williamson, adds for local CBS 19.

From a young age, Legend held a passion for team roping. The 10-year-old would win second place at the Texas Region Junior High Rodeo. His parents say he was warming up for the finals in Louisiana when tragedy struck.

According to Beauregard Parish Sheriff’s Office, Legend was inside the practice arena when a horse fell on top of him.

“As I was crying out to God to save my son, and I was begging him not to take my son, I knew Legend was going to lead thousands of people to Christ,” mother Raegan recalls. “That was his mission in life.”

Legend was immediately taken to the hospital. He would die of his injuries shortly after.

The horse is believed to have suffered either a seizure, aneurism or heart attack. It would die, as well.

Family remembers 10-year-old boy who died in rodeo accident.

CBS 19

As the Wiliamson’s continue to grieve such tremendous loss, they’re trying to take solace in his beliefs and mission.

“If he touches more people after death than he did before, then his life was worth it,” says father Kelly. “If he touches one more person after death than before, then the ten years we got to spend with him, we won’t feel like we were robbed.”

‘Live Like Legend’: 10-Year-Old’s Tragic Death Inspires American Rodeo Phrase

Just one week before his last competition, Legend had opened his first bank account to save his winnings. Business Development Officer of Commercial Bank of Texas, Michelle Briley, was there to help.

“His mom had him come in and he filled out all of the deposit slips,” Briley recalls. “He deposited his first check from winning team roping.”

In light of his death, Commercial Bank of Texas has a benefit account open for the Williamson family. If you or anyone wishes to donate to the fund, you can do so by viewing branch locations here.

Even though their precious son is gone, the parents know he will live on forever. One way he’s doing so already is through their new phrase: “Live like Legend.”

It’s one they hope will catch on in the American rodeo circuit in honor of the 10-year-old gone far, far too soon.