101-Year-Old Woman Reveals Her Secret To a Long, Happy Life

by Shelby Scott
(Randy Vazquez/MediaNews Group/The Mercury News via Getty Images)

Most humans have two basic goals for their lives: make it long and make it happy. Well, if you’re looking for the secret to enjoying a fulfilling and lasting existence, look no further. A 101-year-old woman named Mary Flip has revealed her unusual secret for living a long, happy life. The answer? Tequila.

Speaking with an Arizona news outlet earlier this month, Flip spoke about the one thing that’s aided in helping her maintain her wit and love for life. However, she also shared some of the many experiences she’s endured and enjoyed during her century-plus here on Earth. And when asked what’s truly kept her going all these years, she humorously responded, “My secret. Hmm, I don’t know. Tequila!”

As the New York Post reports, Mary Flip has seen history unfold during her long life. She’s witnessed the struggles of the Great Depression, the horrors of the World Wars, and umpteen U.S. presidents. Flip also reflected on some more personal experiences.

Per the outlet, the elderly woman was born in 1921, and spent her early life in Illinois. While she maintains a light-hearted outlook on life today, her teenage life was relatively tragic. Flip lost her mother and sister early in her life and, by 15, became the sole survivor of her family.

Three years later, Flip would move to Mexico where she met her husband and go married. Together, they became ranchers, which is when the 101-year-old woman first uncovered her secret to a long, happy life.

Eventually, Flip and her husband were ready to welcome their first child, which is when they moved back to the United States, settling in Chicago. After making the move, Flip found a new love for artmaking, eventually becoming a recognized and respected artist by the Chicago School of Art.

Flip celebrated her 101st birthday on Wednesday, enjoying some of her favorite beer—Guinness—and promising to “get up on the table” for some dancing.

107-Year-Old Woman Credits Yeungling Beer for a Long Life

Some people prefer liquor, others prefer beer. Whatever your preference though, it seems—contrary to belief—that good alcohol is the real secret for a long, happy life.

While we hope Mary celebrated her 101st year with loads of tequila and a little table dancing, a 107-year-old Pennsylvania resident celebrated her birthday last year with an entire truckload of Yeungling beer. Reflecting on her long life last year, the West Lawn, Pennsylvania woman named Margaret Dillulo credited America’s oldest beer with her long life.

The iconic brewery wrote on social media at the time, “Margaret, who at nearly 107, revealed her secret is drinking a Lager a day, so we delivered her a truckload more. Cheer, Margaret!”

Yeungling enthusiasts shared their love for the beer, and the woman’s secret to a long life, in the comments section. One Yeungling fan wrote, “Hope she is around long enough to drink thousands!!!”

Another added, “This is awesome! Guess I have another 66 years of drinking [Yeungling] lager then!”