11-Year-Old Boy Finishes Haunted House After Worker Stabs Him with Real Knife

by Clayton Edwards

Fall is finally here. The season brings several changes. The temperatures are dropping and the leaves are preparing to change. Additionally, pumpkin spice and holiday-themed cereals are back on the menu. For some, though, the most important thing about early fall is that Halloween is right around the corner. That means horror movies are on television and the local haunted house is open for business.

Every year, thousands of people head to their local haunted house for some spooky fun. It’s a great way to get your blood pumping and usher in one of the most fun holidays of the year. However, most people can go to a haunted attraction knowing that they are safe. For the most part, the actors inside the attractions aren’t allowed to touch patrons. Furthermore, the scary-looking prop weapons are all fake. At least, that is what most of us think when we buy our tickets and get in line.

However, things went awry for one eleven-year-old Ohio boy. Frank Bednarski entered 7 Floors of Hell last weekend with his sister and family friends hoping to have some spooky fun. Instead, he got stabbed in the foot by a careless actor inside the Berea, Ohio haunted house, according to a local ABC affiliate.

One of the adults with Frank called his mother. She then called the police. However, young Frank was a trooper. He didn’t let his wound stop him from finishing the haunted house. That’s one tough kid.

How Frank Got Stabbed at the Haunted House

Christopher Pogozelski is a popular haunted house actor in the area. He is a freelance worker who picked up a gig at 7 Floors of Hell. That night, he was covering the queue line. So, as patrons stood in line to enter the attraction, Pogozelski came up to scare them.

The actor was carrying a large bowie knife. Initially, the haunted house provided him with a rubber prop knife. However, he didn’t like the prop. So, he went to his car and grabbed the real knife instead. He flashed the blade at Frank and the young man wasn’t impressed. “That’s fake. I’m not scared,” he told the actor. In response, the actor started stabbing the ground around Frank’s feet. At one point, he got a little too close. The blade pierced the boy’s Croc-style sandal and cut his big toe.

The wound produced minimal bleeding and staff at the haunted house administered first aid.

Frank’s mother, Karen Bednarski is pressing charges. However, she is more upset about how staff at 7 Floors of Hell handled the incident than the incident itself. “They just kept saying ‘accidents happen, accidents happen,’” the angry mother told the news outlet.

Rodney Geffert, the president of Night Scream Entertainment, the company that owns the haunted house, spoke to the ABC affiliate about the accident. “It was a complete accident and poked the boy’s toe,” he said. Furthermore, he told the news outlet that he spoke to the actor in question. “The police took the knife and I made it real clear with him, you don’t go to your vehicle and get something out like that. We just don’t do that,” he reportedly told Pogozelski.