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11-Year-Old Girl Bringing Joy to Children of Frontline Workers Amid COVID-19 by Donating Toys

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: MediaNews Group/Long Beach Press-Telegram via Getty Images / Contributor / Getty Images)

Lilly Dubose, an 11-year-old from Houston, TX, is brightening the lives of thousands of frontline workers and their families in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Alongside her mother, Jessica, Lilly joined Fox & Friends to talk about her nonprofit organization, Lilly’s Toy Box.

When Hurricane Harvey hit in Houston in 2017, Lilly took it upon herself to donate toys to the affected families. She says the goal was “to give away toys to kids who were leaving their homes and evacuating.” Lilly felt a calling to “give them something so they could have joy in their heart.”

Jessica explained that a lawyer learned of Lilly’s charity drive and helped them set up a nonprofit organization. Well, the lawyer reached out to us after we gave toys to his three kids,” Jessica said. “And said, ‘I would like to turn it into a nonprofit for Lilly. Would that be ok?’ So I had to think about it for a minute, but I decided she wanted to keep going and so that was the best way for us to grow this.

Since then, Lilly’s Toy Box donated more than 5,000 toys to kids across the country. Even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Lilly’s nonprofit continues delivering toys. In order to ensure everyone’s safety, Lilly’s Toy Box found a safe way to deliver toys to the children of frontline workers. All toys are ordered online and nobody touches the toys except the delivery people.

Lilly explained that she hopes to bring happiness to frontline workers and their families. “I’m giving them to the frontline workers and their kids,” she said. “We are delivering toys to them and they are very happy. And we just want to make them smile.

To make a donation, go to Lilystoybox.com.

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