11-Year-Old Girl’s Quick Thinking Helps Save Puppy From Burning House

by Shelby Scott

Small yet mighty. Those words describe the decisive actions of an 11-year-old Florida girl following her all-important 911 call. The young girl, Mackenzie Jenkins, saved the life of a neighbor’s puppy from a house fire, as well as their home when she heard barking and saw smoke emitting from a nearby residence.

FOX states Jenkins had been sitting outside on a swing on Saturday. Suddenly, she heard the disruption and saw the smoke. In response to the girl’s call to 911, Florida’s Cape Coral Fire Department responded, soon arriving at the scene.

Andrea Schuch, the fire department’s public affairs specialist, later confirmed that Jenkins called 911 dispatch around 6: 45 that evening. “The dog is fortunately doing great,” the specialist shared in an email. Schuch continued, stating, “She was originally unresponsive when firefighters found her, but EMS cooled her and gave her oxygen and she woke up and was walking around before the fire was even out.

Thanks to the 11-year-old girl, her neighbors’ house sustained less damage, in addition to reuniting with the beloved pet. The Cape Coral Fire Department’s Facebook page shared photos from the pup’s rescue once they entered the scene.

According to the post, the puppy, named Fiona, had gotten her head stuck between two bars underneath the family’s couch. Nevertheless, besides a little smoke inhalation, the puppy was able to walk (or more so, get carried) away from the incident unharmed.

Additionally, the fire department awarded 11-year-old Jenkins a Community Recognition Coin. The coin is given to those Cape Coral residents who go above and beyond in their efforts. Way to go, Mackenzie!

2021 Saw the Birth of a ‘Miracle’ Puppy

Mackenzie no doubt had a miraculous save when it came to both the life and home of Fiona the puppy. However, a rather unique “miracle” puppy was born earlier this year.

The strange puppy, sporting six legs and two tails, was born in Oklahoma. Additionally, early reports claim Skipper Miracle (a fitting name), state the puppy is the first of her kind. Further, following her birth, veterinarians determined that Skipper should likely live a long life.

While the puppy’s extra legs and tail are definitely remarkable, professionals have identified a significant collection of extra organs. Skipper sports not only additional appendages but two pelvic regions, two lower urinary tracts, and two reproductive systems.

The phenomenon is truly eye-catching, and to witness her growth would add another miracle to the puppy’s life. While veterinarians have overall determined that the extra parts shouldn’t hinder her overall lifespan, they were concerned at the time that she could possibly suffer a spine condition.

Nevertheless, due to her miraculous nature, professionals have stated, “With Skipper being so rare and unique, we will monitor her development to make sure she is comfortable throughout her life.”

Steady on, Skipper!