13-Year-Old Wisconsin Boy Being Hailed as Hero After Saving 4 Sisters From House Fire

by Shelby Scott

A Wisconsin boy took brotherly love to a completely different level in light of a potentially deadly house fire. 13-year-old Briar Omar earned the title “hero” after saving his four sisters from the blaze that consumed their home. The fire broke out over Labor Day weekend.

The house fire broke out not long after Briar’s parents, Jay and Kelly Omar, briefly left. They had gone to pick up dinner for themselves and the children. The five children all range in age, the youngest only six months old. Briar told CBS affiliate WCCO, “My sisters. That was the first thing I thought of. I knew I had to get them out of the house.”

The cause for the fire still remains under investigation. However, Briar and his siblings noticed the house was really smoky. He said when they turned around, the playpen was on fire.

According to the outlet, Briar reentered the burning home after making sure all four sisters were safely away from the fire. He attempted to put out some of the flames so as to save the family’s home. Regardless, it had simply gotten too big for him, and he had to leave.

Unfortunately, the family’s home was completely consumed by the house fire. People stated friends of the Omar family set up a GoFundMe account in an attempt to raise money on their behalf. A post on the family’s fundraising page reads, “They may have lost everything in the fire, but they have each other, and that’s a blessing.”

In response to the devastation, Kelly Omar said, “It was terrifying. If it wasn’t for my son I don’t know where I’d be.”

Couple Loses Everything Twice In a Year to California Fires

Across the country from Wisconsin, California homes continue to succumb to wildfires across the state as fire crews work to contain the growing blazes. The state’s second-largest fire in history, the ongoing Dixie Fire, has already consumed more than 1,300 commercial structures and homes. Additionally, the monstrous blaze completely leveled the small historic town of Greenville, CA.

Greenville residents were heartbroken to see their beloved little town burnt to the ground following the relentlessness of the Dixie Fire. However, one couple, in particular, suffered twice within this last year as they’ve lost everything once again.

Dan and Joan Carter enjoy small-town living and until last year, the pair enjoyed a quiet life in Greenville. That was until last year’s Bear Fire completely consumed everything they had. Many families this year are suffering in the same way following the Dixie Fire.

After the couple lost their home, they moved to another town 70 miles away. Regardless, the Dixie Fire didn’t spare the Carters either, wildfire striking the couple a second time. They hadn’t even finished building their home following last year’s fire. In fact, they just saw the foundation of their new home lain earlier this summer. However, now, even that is gone.

Nevertheless, they have avoided despair.

“When this happened again,” the couple told CNN. “We just said we’re done running. It’s a small place, we know each other, and we suffer together and we’re going to triumph together.” The statement continued, highlighting their faith and devotion with, “In the Bible, God says ‘I will give you beauty for ashes.’ And heaven only knows we’ve got plenty of ashes.”