14-Foot Halloween Skeleton Swiped From Texas Yard in Broad Daylight: WATCH

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Several Halloweens ago, massive 14-foot skeletons became one of the most popular decorations to begin populating American front yards. Since then, their popularity has grown exponentially. Each year, enthusiastic Halloween fanatics find themselves jonesing to get their hands on one. Seemingly, however, one person was so desperate that they swiped one from a Texas front yard in broad daylight. And the entire robbery was caught on camera.

We certainly hope officials catch the thief and return the TX resident’s massive Halloween decoration. But the footage itself is actually pretty hysterical. The one-minute-24-second video sees a woman in a white SUV pop open her trunk before walking over to the skeleton. She tries shaking it from its bearings before tackling the weight holding it down. She then moves what looks to be a piece of concrete or something similarly heavy from the base before grabbing it by the legs and struggling to maneuver the ridiculously-sized Halloween decoration into her car.

According to Fox News, the Halloween heist took place around 4:45 Saturday afternoon in an Austin, TX condominium community. Per the outlet, the footage is from Grazia Ruskin’s security camera, and the theft took place in her neighbor’s yard. Ruskin, president of the HOA for the Austin condominium community said that her neighbor did not wish to be identified.

Still, the victimized resident is hoping that their 14-foot Halloween decoration will be returned. They’re currently offering $50 as a reward to anyone with information about the theft.

Gory Halloween Decoration Prompts Police Investigation in UK

Halloween decorations are seemingly causing a stir all over the world this season. While authorities in Austin, TX are tasked with finding a brazen skeleton thief, officials in the UK had to launch an investigation when one woman’s now-viral Halloween decoration was deemed “too real.”

The woman’s encounter with law enforcement went viral on TikTok. So far, the video has seen more than half-a-million views and nearly 1,000 comments.

The decoration itself appears to be a dead body, though the woman revealed in a comment to a viewer that she actually used blankets stuffed inside of a garbage bag, with duct tape and a pair of sneakers to complete the gruesome piece.

“It’s realistic then?” the TikTok user ironically asks the responding police officer, who nudges the Halloween decoration with a gentle kick which causes one of the shoes to come loose. “Do you want to tape that back on?” the Halloween fanatic asked the cop.

Though we can’t tell whether the police officer is amused or annoyed by the call, the woman’s video had TikTok users in hysterics. Many of them flocked to the comments to share their reactions to the encounter.

“Halloween: the best time to get rid of some’body’,” one viewer joked. Another added, “Would have been so awesome if someone was in it and sat up,” tacking a laughing emoji on at the end.

With less than two weeks until Halloween, we’re interested to see what other spooky shenanigans take place in the coming days.