20 People Rescued From New Mexico Ski Resort Tram After Being Trapped Overnight

by Shelby Scott

An Albuquerque, New Mexico ski resort saw a rescue Saturday when 20 passengers became trapped on board a tram.

Immediately following new year celebrations, 20 people required rescuing from a stalled tram after becoming trapped for hours. According to ABC News, the tram stalled around 2 a.m. at Sandia Peak Tramway in Albuquerque as icy conditions locally caused the cars to become stuck.

Rescue efforts began later Saturday, as rescuers loaded two to four tram car passengers onto a helicopter at a time. According to a Tweet from the area’s Bernalillo County Fire Department, rescue efforts resulted from multiple offices and agencies. These include the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office, New Mexico State Police, Metro Air Support, and New Mexico Search and Rescue Teams as well as the fire department themselves.

Shortly after 1 p.m., the department concluded all 20 of the passengers were safely evacuated. An employee in a second tram also successfully saw rescue and all were “safely at base” following.

Fortunately, the news outlet reported all of the previously trapped passengers were in good health pending rescue. Through their ordeal, they had access to water and blankets aboard the tram.

As a result of the incident, and ongoing high winds, Sandia Peak Tramway closed for the remainder of the day. Following the rescue, the fire department announced some personnel was manually making their way down from the mountain. They intended to announce the all-clear once all were safely accounted for.

Hikers Rescued in Holiday Miracle Ahead of Christmas Day

The holidays often signify a memorable time of year. However, our Albuquerque skiers, and a couple of Virginia hikers, will surely never forget this remarkable season.

As you already read, 20 NM skiers required rescuing from the cold, just hours after ringing in 2022. A unique way to kick off the New Year, I suppose.

However, on Christmas, a pair of Virginia hikers found themselves lost and unprepared for the trials of one of the state’s most popular trails.

According to Fox News, the pair of hikers intended to scale VA’s Sharp Top Mountain summit, amounting to 3,875 feet. However, unfortunately, the hikers set off ill-prepared in terms of supplies. Without proper gear or lighting, the hikers found themselves lost in the wilderness.

Fortunately, however, someone reported the pair of hikers missing and in need of rescue. Soon after, the Bedford Fire Department set out with a drone in hopes to bring back the lost individuals.

Soon, the department’s drone picked up a heat signature from the two hikers, fortunately rescued thereafter. After finding the two men’s location, all rescuers needed to do was follow the trail until they intercepted the lost hikers.

Following the Christmas Day rescue, the National Park Service took to social media to emphasize the importance of preparedness on some of our country’s most intense and hard-to-navigate trails.