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2020 Presidential Debate: Alyssa Milano Says Between America and Donald Trump ‘You Can’t Love Both’

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Alyssa Milano declared an ultimatum after last night’s (Oct. 23) presidential debate. After declaring Joe Biden the winner of the debate, she told Twitter they can either support America or Donald Trump but not both.

She wrote, “America or Trump. You can’t love both.”

Alyssa Milano Declared Joe Biden the Winner of the Debate

Milano was vocal on Twitter during and after the debate. In a series of tweets with the hashtag #BidenWon, she criticized Trump while declaring her support for Biden. She also said she would be voting for Biden in the election.

She also wrote, “I’m voting for [Biden] because he is so good for America. His platform is centered around lifting people up and fixing the problems keeping us down.”

The Actress Called Donald Trump an ‘ineffective leader’

In a series of both tweets and retweets, Milano bashed Trump as an “ineffective leader” during the COVID-19 pandemic. She said she believes Biden could handle the situation better if he was president. Additionally, she linked to an article by The Guardian which compared immigration detention center to torture.

Milano also focused on the environment and climate change.

She said she supported Biden’s proposed environmental plan and also criticized Trump on the issue. Milano retweeted a Tweet that focused on the fires in California and the Flint, Michigan water crisis as environmental hazards. She also called out Trump on his statements, linking to an article that said the U.S. is not energy independent yet.

Additionally, she wrote, “[Biden] cares about American lives and their livelihoods. Trump doesn’t care if we live or die. Therein lies the fundamental difference between Biden and Trump.”

On the subject of racism, Milano retweeted a quote from Biden in which he apologized for crime and drug policies he supported before in the 1980s and 90s. She also wrote, “Joe Biden cares about all Americans and values the contributions of immigrants to both American society and the economy. He believes in treating all humans with dignity and kindness.”