2022 USA Mullet Championship Winner Revealed, and His Mane Is Absolutely Majestic

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Sam Mooy/Getty Images)

With the Men’s Open Division Mullet Championship announcing its 2022 winner on Saturday (October 22nd) here are the top finalists of the competition. 

The New York Post reports that in early October, votes were cast to select the top three contestants out of 25 in the Mullet Championship. More than 20,000 votes are being in the count. The top three participants are Dalton Cleghorn from Toledo, Ohio, Brandon Hernandez from Buda, Texas, and Scott Salvadore from Stillwater, New York. 

Speaking about his mullet, Leghorn stated that the style is business in the front and straight waterfall, ramen noodle in the back. He had previously dubbed himself as the 2022 Mullet Championship winner. Meanwhile, Hernandez describes himself as “a real American” and has a persona of a WWE wrestler. The participant states that he is proud of his patriotism as well as his slick hair. Finally, Salvadore stated, “You gotta have rocks if you wanna grow the locks.” 

As part of claiming first place, the Mullet Championship winner will earn the “Mullet Megan Money Pot,” which is worth $2,500. He will also be able to have “bragging rights” as being the “slickest men’s mullet in the United States.” 

Those contestants who place second and third will receive a Mullet Champions gift set. The latest competition comes just months after the USA Mullet Champion dubbed eight-year-old Emmit Baily from Wisconsin the winner of the kid’s division championship.

And the Winner of the 2022 Men Open Division Mullet Champion Is… 

Scott Salvadore from Stillwater, New York was officially the 2022 Men’s Open Division Mullet Championship winner! 

The contest announced Salvadore as the champion on Instagram. “Congrats to Salvadore on his majestic mullet and for taking home the 2022 championship! Nice work and we love the mullet name – The Lords Drapes.” 

In a second social media post, it was revealed that Salvadore had received 3,740 votes, making him the winner. Cleghorn, who previously proclaimed himself the winner, snagged 3,208 votes, which earned him second place. And in third place was Hernandez with 2,855 votes. 

Salvadore previously spoke to WGNA about why he grew out his hair to begin with. “It started to grow like an inch-and-a-half a month and [his now wife Ashley] was starting to dislike it because it was turning into a mullet. But I didn’t choose the mullet, the mullet chose me.” 

However, Ashley previously told the now Mullet Championship winner that she was going to leave him if he didn’t cut his hair. “So I shaved my head in her living room and ended up proposing to her about a month later… But that day, as soon as my knee came off the ground, that thing grew back with a vengeance!”