2023 Ford Ranger: First Official Images Revealed

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by John Keeble/Getty Images)

Every year, car manufacturers compete with the release of new cars. However, Ford is making a Next-Gen of vehicles. The Next-Gen Ford Ranger was revealed today. A video was released through the company’s European YouTube page.

In the video, the European version of the Ranger is shown. While it isn’t the exact model releasing in America, it will be based on these models. So, sit back and check out the video.

Although the details are obscured by the design, you get a good feel of the truck. It is a mid-size pickup and looks to be well-equipped with all the modern features and packages. With a twin-turbo V6, this truck will have plenty of power behind it. During the video, there is a SuperCab and SuperCrew model featured.

There is one thing for certain, Ford Ranger fans are ready. They are so ready, that Ford has decided to stave them off with a new Splash package on current Rangers. This current generation is getting a 90s throwback look with the new packages. So, if you can’t wait until 2022 or possibly 2023, there could be a Ranger for you out there right now.

Next-Gen Cars, Including Fords, Coming to NASCAR

Ford isn’t just working on Next-Gen cars for regular consumers, they are helping NASCAR move into the future. There aren’t any Ford Rangers in the mix, but Next-Gen is on its way. Of course, Toyota and Chevy have also gotten in on the new Cup Series cars. However, the new Ford Mustangs that NASCAR has put on display down in Daytona are insanely cool. They have a lower profile, bigger wheels, and more features that are currently not allowed by rules.

Down in Daytona, testing is underway. Some of the drivers on the track were Joey Logano, Austin Dillon, Denny Hamlin, and Chris Buescher. Each driver is helping NASCAR figure out the kinks on the cars. Videos showed the new cars zipping around the track and racing wide. It was a pack test which means the drivers got up close and personal with one another as they went around turns. They passed each other in position and shifted order a bit. While things are a little more controlled than in a race, it is still a risk any time you drive so fast on the track.

Some fans are excited about the change while others are not looking forward to it. Part of the design of the car has been updated. Some, or all cars in the Next-Gen, will feature the number pushed forward from its standard center placement. These cars look good and sound mean.

Honestly, if fans have issues with these cars, they are being a little too traditionalist if you ask me. With independent suspension and all the other extras, these are going to be sweet racing on the best tracks in the country. Cannot wait.