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210 Million Packages Reportedly Stolen in 2021

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images)

We all know that the holidays are quickly approaching, which means this time of year is going to be busy. This is a time for families to come together again and send heartwarming gifts to loved ones. However, packages are being reported stolen every day.

The pandemic is a reason for the short supply chain. Nowadays, people are losing their packages to embezzlers in the area when they are not home. In the last 12 months, 210 million packages were marked as missing in the United States. The world is in complete shock right now and many people are asking, ‘why does this keep happening?’

People are raising their concerns for porch thefts to occur more often with the holiday season coming up. More than half of the reported stolen packages cost between 50 and 200 dollars.

Be sure to check out what Amazon is doing to keep this from happening below.

Amazon is said to be coming up with different ideas to keep packages from being taken on porches. For example, a custom-built bait package was designed to have four different cameras. It will unleash a pound of glitter on anyone who tries to steal it.

If you are someone who is experiencing this mystery, don’t hesitate to file a police report. Include any security footage, if possible. Companies may send a free replacement item, while they continuously work on putting an end to this crime.

Employee Shortages Might Make It Harder To Find The Perfect Gift

People are now spending numerous hours shopping. There have been a lot of rumors about potential shortages with toys, holiday sweaters, and any other popular gift items. Despite concerns of shortages, Target, Walmart and other retailers have voiced concerns for not having enough employees for the holidays.

Retail stores have warned their customers to start buying gifts now with the shortages. The fear of missing out on an item for a loved one can turn into complete chaos.

Car dealerships, game stores, and other electronics that need microchips are also struggling to meet demand. It will be a challenge to find laptops, gaming consoles, and other computer-related items this year.

Prices of items may continuously rise to help retailers remain steady with their business. Overall, the supply chain may not steal Christmas from families after all.

Will This Crisis Get Better in the Future?

Supply chain issues are said to continue through mid-2022. Buyers should start easing up in the next few months as delays of items improve. These kinds of issues are always going to get worse before they can get better.

Operators are saying the issue will remain until there are enough workers in the industry to produce the products. It is a guessing game at this point and will only get better with time.