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23-Year-Old Boxer Kills Bear After it Mauls Friend, Now in ‘Grave’ Condition

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by: Avalon/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Brown bear encounters have serious potential for turning deadly. However, the fatality came on the side of the bear this time as a Russian boxer went toe to toe with the powerful creature.

The Russian boxer reportedly fought and stabbed the bear to death. His vicious retort came after the animal mauled his friend, 48-year-old Vyacheslav “Slava” Dudnik, to death. The feat is impressive as the 23-year-old professional boxer took on the bear with nothing but a knife. However, the young pugilist, identified as Ilya Medvedev, now sits in grave condition after his bout with the animal.

According to the New York Post, Dudnik and Medvedev had been accompanied by a third companion when the attack occurred. 41-year-old Denis Chetobar shared with East 2 West news he had been fastening the trio’s boat to a riverbank when the bear attacked. He reportedly heard screams and shouts of “a bear,” which caused the fisherman to rush into the forest.

The New York Post reports Chetobar “saw Slava dead” upon arriving at the scene. Additionally, he saw Medvedev “finishing the bear off with a knife.”

Interestingly, prior to Medvedev’s utilization of the knife, the young boxer had lodged several bullets into the vicious bear. However, the impact didn’t slow the bear’s attack. Rather, the animal managed to knock the gun out of Medvedev’s hand entirely.

In the end, the attack resulted in the death of one fisherman. Chetobar reported dragging the “barely alive” Medvedev to their boat and bringing him to the hospital.

The news outlet stated Medvedev remains in the ICU as he’s sustained major head and body lacerations.

Grizzly Bear Charges Father and Toddler Multiple Times

Sadly for our Russian friends, their fishing trip ended in much despair and tragedy, with one dead and the other in critical condition. Back in the states, in Montana‘s Beartooth Mountains, a father and son suffered a terrifying bear incident as well after it charged at them not once, not twice, but three separate times.

In speaking with KTVQ-Q2 News about the incident, the father, Thomas Reiter issued a grave warning for anyone intent on visiting the Beartooth Mountains.

During his discussion with the news outlet, the father stated he and his two-year-old son Connor often frequent the mountain trails in Beartooth and have never once had an encounter with a bear. Of this particular trip, he said, “We just park off the side of the highway up there and we walked down a little bit. There’s a snowbank down there that Connor liked to play on.”

Soon after the pair’s entrance onto the trail, the first attack took place, the bear charging directly at Reiter and the toddler. Later, the animal came back twice, the father identifying the aggressive creature by a hump on its back.

Fortunately neither Reiter nor Connor suffered physical injuries though the encounter surely struck fear.