275K Ram Pickup Maxes Out at 55 MPH: Here’s Why

by Victoria Santiago

For $275,000, you’d think a vehicle would be able to go pretty fast. But this pricey Ram pickup truck on the market can only go 55 mph. There’s a reason this pickup can only go that fast, though.

This pickup truck, called the Hennessey Mammoth 1000, is a custom version of the Ram 1500 TRX. This high-performance truck is built with a 1,000 hp engine that normally would be able to go well over 120 mph. However, the truck had its speed restricted in order to save the owner some money. We can only imagine what it costs to fuel this literal Mammoth, but that’s not where the savings lie. Due to this speed restriction, the owner saves money on their tax bill.

This Ram Pickup Can Only Go 55 MPH To Avoid Taxes

The Ram pickup was custom built in Texas. However, it was recently listed for sale in Finland. Due to how bad the truck’s fuel economy is, it should be subject to a whopping 44.8% import tax. To compare, the stock Ram 1500 TRX engine is 702 hp and is rated at 12 mpg. The mpg for the Hennessey Mammoth 1000 hasn’t been revealed, but we doubt it gets more per mile than the stock version.

Anyway, the pickup truck manages to avoid hefty import taxes due to one thing: its weight. The truck is heavy enough to be registered as a commercial vehicle. Commercial vehicles are not subject to the levy.

That’s where the speed restriction comes in. Trucks that are classified as commercial vehicles are limited to a maximum operating speed of 55.9 mph.

According to Fox News, there are no rules on how quickly commercial vehicles can accelerate to that speed. The factory TRX can reach 60 mph in a mere 3.2 seconds. Whoever buys the custom Hennessey Mammoth 1000 in Finland won’t be able to use that as a metric, but they can surely time how long it takes to reach exactly 55.9 mph.

The Stock 2022 Ram 1500 TRX Recently Went Up In Price

That custom Ram pickup costs a cool quarter-million. For those that don’t feel like splurging on a truck that can only go 55 mph, the stock model may be more your speed. But prices are rising on the regular TRX as well.

In fact, the starting price for the 2022 Ram 1500 TRX has gone up by more than $6,000. The list price for the off-road pickup has risen to $78,675. Compared to the cost of a TRX last year, that’s a raise of $6,555.

Even with a price hike, it’s a pretty enticing buy. The supercharged V8 engine makes it the most powerful pickup truck in the world.