32-Year-Old Man Dies in Indiana Grain Silo, Authorities Investigating after Lengthy Rescue Effort

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Jdidi wassim/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

A terrible accident left a man dead Sunday evening in Indiana. The bizarre death of 32-year-old Marvin Tyler is being investigated by authorities after he was stuck inside a soybean silo for 10 hours.

After being alerted to the scene shortly after noon, the Indiana Fire Department arrived to find Tyler inside the silo. He was about 100 feet down in the product. More than 12 first responders assisted at the silo attempting to pull Tyler out, according to reports by WRTV in Indianapolis.

“For rescuers, the constant shift of the soybean product became the biggest obstacle and rescuers reported that every time progress was made in removing it from around the victim, it would slide back down and put them back to square one,” IFD public information officer Rita Reith said in a news release. “Every attempt to stabilize the area around the victim, his position on a slope and near the wall, proved to be extremely frustrating for crews valiantly trying to remove him.”

However, rescuers did not recover Tyler until 10:30 p.m. At that time, the man was completely unresponsive.

The Indiana Fire Department posted about the incident on Twitter. They expressed their condolences and frustration at not being able to save the man.

“Rescuers prepare to enter the 112 foot silo through an 18 x 18 opening. Sadly and despite valiant attempts, the victim they were hoping to rescue did not survive the entrapment in the grain silo. Our thoughts are with the family as they grieve the loss of their loved one,” the department tweeted.

Authorities are unsure of how Tyler got into the silo. His death remains under investigation.

Man Dies Jumping Devil’s Churn

Another man died tragically last week after attempting to jump across a divide in Oregon. The area of Devil’s Churn is a beautiful escape. It’s also a very popular tourist destination spot.

However, the area can also be very dangerous. Additionally, the gully is full of rocky terrain and currents. Attempting to jump across the divide at Devil’s Churn is super risky. This is something 67-year-old Steve Allen learned the hard way.

Allen, a California man, was visiting the area and enjoying his day when he made a fateful decision that cost his life. The man jumped from one side of the divide to the other. However, he didn’t quite make it. Allen fell into the deep water. The currents dragged him outward toward the sea. Despite rescue attempts to save the man, rescuers came up empty.

“The United States Coast Guard and other responding agencies suspended their search,” Oregon State Police said in a news release,” according to reports by Yahoo!

Allen is presumed to be dead.