$400,000 Worth of Jack Daniel’s Spills on Tennessee Interstate

by Chris Haney

As if recent supply chain issues weren’t bad enough, a semi-truck filled with $400,000 worth of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey spilled out onto a Tennessee interstate recently.

The truck was hauling the popular liquor near Nashville when it overturned off of Interstate 24 on Wednesday morning. As the semi entered an on-ramp to I-24 from the South Church Street exit, it rolled over and landed on its side. Thousands of dollars worth of the best-selling whiskey in the world poured out of the truck and onto the street.

FOX Nashville‘s Twitter account shared photos from the incident the next day. The pics showed a tow truck in position attempting to lift the truck upright and back on its wheels. After workers righted the overturned semi, two more photos showed Jack Daniel’s famous product seeping out of the truck all over the ground. In addition, you can see the damage to the semi created by the accident.

While it had to be frustrating for the Tennessee whiskey makers, they seemed to take the accident in stride. Jack Daniel’s Twitter account chimed in this afternoon with an amusing comment on the situation.

“We’ve never cried over spilled milk. But Jack is a different story. #jackdaniels,” the famous whiskey brand tweeted.

According to local news station WKRN, Murfreesboro police reported that no one was injured in the accident. The truck full of Jack Daniel’s traveled from Lynchburg – where the whiskey is made – to Nashville. From there, workers would have shipped the product to Israel, according to Murfreesboro Police.

Pennsylvania Rationing Sales of Jack Daniel’s, Hennessy, and More Due to Supply Chain Issues

As previously mentioned, the overturned semi-truck was a bit of a disaster, but it’s not the only issue Jack Daniel’s has had in recent months. In September, Pennsylvania had to ration more than 40 liquor products due to supply chain issues.

The supply chain issues forced liquor officials to mandate a two-bottle purchase limit for ABC stores, bars, and restaurants. The products include liquor brands Jack Daniel’s, Hennessy, Don Julio, and Patrón Tequila Silver to name a few. However, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the shortage only makes up 2 percent of the state’s total liquor drinks. The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board shared a statement on the matter.

“These bottle limits are preventative measures to fairly distribute product and minimize out-of-stock situations, which will vary by location,” the PLCB said.

Kentucky distillery owner Brown-Forman owns the world-famous Tennessee brand Jack Daniel’s. Brown-Forman president and CEO Lawson Whiting also commented on the supply chain issues.

“While we are optimistic the operating environment will continue to improve, we are closely monitoring the potential volatility associated with the evolving pandemic and continued supply chain disruptions,” Whiting said in a release.