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5 Trader Joe’s Fall Groceries Items That You Need to Have in 2020

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for NYCWFF)

Fall is in the air as temperatures drop, leaves on trees change colors and pumpkin-flavor items become acceptable cuisine.

With variety of specialty items you are unlikely to find anywhere else, Trader Joe’s sits atop the places to shop. Food Network personality Rachel Trujillo shares her top seasonal picks at Trader Joes, according to Food Network‘s website.

First up Trujillo’s list is Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese.

“This dish is extra creamy thanks to the addition of butternut squash,” she says. “The additional flavor cuts back on some of the richness of traditional mac and cheese, making this a dish I will be eating all season long.”

Secondly, Trujillo lists spicy pumpkin curry simmer sauce as the next item she is looking forward to.

“To say I’m obsessed with this sauce would be an understatement,” she writes. This seasonal item certainly takes its place this fall. I like to mix it with sautéed veggies and chicken and serve over rice for a hearty and flavor-packed dinner.”

More Fall Food Offerings

Pumpkin Bread Mix is a flavorful fall treat, according to Trujillo.

“If there is one thing that goes quickly in my apartment, it’s a loaf of pumpkin bread,” she says. “This mix simply requires two eggs, vegetable oil and water, making it a breeze to bake and a no-brainer when you’re craving something sweet this season.”

Next, Trujillo says Harvest Blend Herbal Tea is one for her favorite fall specialty items.

“This tea ranks high on my favorites list, and is something I make sure to buy enough of to last me through winter,” she writes. “The Harvest Blend is the perfect combination of cinnamon, ginger, hibiscus, chamomile, roasted chicory, orange peel and apple, creating the comforting and delicious flavors of fall in a cup.”

Finally, Pepita Salsa is a versatile crowd-pleaser, Trujillo exclaims.

“This salsa, which is actually available year-round, highlights the part of a pumpkin sometimes overlooked: the seeds,” she says. “I love to dip anything from carrots to chips in it, as the combination of pepitas, tomatoes, chipotle spices and pureed bell pepper compliment almost anything.”

H/T: Food Network