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50 Cent Claims Lil Wayne Was ‘Paid’ to Endorse Donald Trump in 2020 Election

by Madison Miller
Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Was Donald Trump paying people in order to get public endorsements? 50 Cent, a popular rapper, claimed that Lil Wayne was paid to endorse Trump right before the U.S. election.

Wayne posted a photo in which he was smiling next to the president giving a thumbs up. The photo had many people questioning how valid the support was. It also was criticized and poked fun at on “Saturday Night Live.”

50 Cent talks Lil Wayne’s Endorsement

Wayne claimed that he was confident after the meeting that Trump’s Platinum Plan was going to help with criminal reform. Wayne and his team have not been responding to questions regarding this situation.

According to the Trump campaign, the “Platinum Plan” would supposedly create 3 million jobs and invest 500 million into Black communities.

On “The Breakfast Club” radio show, 50 Cent said that Wayne definitely got a check. 50 Cent, who had gone back and forth on endorsing Trump, said he never received any money at any point. At one point, 50 Cent criticized President-Elect Joe Biden’s tax plan in fear that it would turn him into “20 Cent.” He has since said that he has never supported Trump.

“At the time, 50 criticized Wayne for sharing the picture days after he had withdrawn his own endorsement of the Republican candidate, claiming that he “never liked” Trump. “Oh no, Wayne,” 50 tweeted, adding a head-in-hands emoji. “I would have never took this picture,” according to The Independent.

Rappers and Trump Connection

So why were rappers like Lil Wayne, Ice Cube and 50 Cent possibly voting for or supporting Trump?

This may have to do with Trump pushing hard in the final weeks of the race to reach Black voters. He claimed that he would bring Black unemployment down. He also claimed that he, rather than Biden, would have safety as the main concern.

“Ationza Smith, a Biden supporter and co-founder of the activist group Revolutionaries Demanding Justice, told me that in her experience, Black Trump supporters ‘like how he’s improved employment … they’re kind of basically looking at things on a business level and not necessarily an ethics level.’ And that has been the case with a number of prominent Black Trump supporters,” according to Vox.

A lot of this may have to do with bootstrapping. Some individuals have the goal of going from the bottom to the top economically.

According to the same Vox article, senior adviser Jared Kushner said that Trump had “solutions” to problems facing Black Americans. He then went on to make a comment that many deemed as racially insensitive when saying that the only thing that would hold Black people back is if Trump “want[ed] them to be successful more than they want to be successful.”

The Pew Research Center will soon have factual numbers as to the demographics involved in the 2020 election.