61 People Left Stranded in English Pub for 3 Days After Snowstorm

by Jennifer Shea

After 61 people showed up at a pub in Yorkshire, England for drinks and a concert, they found themselves stranded there for three days due to a massive snowstorm in the Yorkshire Dales.

The stranded pubgoers had flocked to the Tan Hill Inn for a Friday concert from Noasis, an Oasis tribute band, per Fox News. The snowstorm Friday coated Yorkshire in three feet of snow. As if that weren’t bad enough, it also downed power cables, leading to a dangerous situation on the streets of Yorkshire.

But over the weekend, the concertgoers were all getting along swimmingly. And the BBC reported that pub managers had put up sleeping arrangements in the pub’s lounge. In fact, manager Nicola Townsend told the BBC that some people didn’t even want to leave.

Pub Guests Reportedly Still in Good Spirits

At 1,732 feet above sea level, the Tan Hill Inn is Britain’s highest-elevation pub. And the snowstorm left snow nearly covering the pub’s windows all the way up.

Some people managed to dig a tunnel out the front door of the pub. But because of the downed electrical cables, it’s unsafe to travel the roads for now.

But if being trapped in the pub was starting to wear on people, no one appeared to be showing signs of strain, according to the BBC.

“It’s just been a lovely and everyone is in really good spirits,” Townsend said. “They’ve formed quite a friendship, like a big family is the best way I can describe it. One lady actually said ‘I don’t want to leave’.”

The pub’s staff organized some activities – quiz games, board games and a karaoke night – to keep everyone in a good mood. And while one guest did need medical attention for an ongoing health issue, mountain rescuers had managed to carve their way through the snow to attend to the person.

Pubgoers Martin and Stephanie Overton praised the pub’s atmosphere. Martin called it “very good” and noted that there was “plenty of beer available.”

“I’m quite chilled about being stranded,” Stephanie told the BBC. “It’s quite exciting but we’re missing our son who is with his nana. I am wondering how long we will be here for though.”

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service announced that they had responded to reports of downed power cables in multiple towns, among them Hunmanby, Kilburn and High Birstwith. Hundreds of local residents remained without power. And trains from York to Scotland have halted service.

Meanwhile, snow and ice warnings are still in effect across Yorkshire for the time being.