7-Year-Old Georgia Girl Raises Big Money to Provide Care Packages for Homeless Vets

by Keeli Parkey

A youngster from Georgia saw that homeless vets in her community needed help. So, she stepped up to help them.

According to Fox News, that youngster is 7-year-old Marietta, Georgia, resident Jade Britt. Citing a report from Fox 5 Atlanta, the network said that Britt raised an impressive $700 to provide assistance to the homeless vets.

Britt used the $700 she raised to create care packages for those who had served their country in the United States Armed Forces. She was especially motivated to help veterans because she has a close connection with one. Her grandfather served in the Vietnam War.

Jade’s mother, Holly Britt, told the station that they wanted to help people close to home.

“The Marietta Veterans Center, that’s important because it’s part of our community and we always want to help home first,” Holly said.

The impressive 7-year-old’s mother also said helping vets enduring homelessness is part of a community effort.

“And the people here help people. They really actually help,” Holly also said. “They don’t talk about helping, they help with so many resources that they have for veterans.”

Jade and Holly delivered the care packages they made to the homeless vets of Marietta, Georgia, on Thursday, July 29.

New Jersey Teenager Has Also Helping Vets Who are Homeless

Jade Britt isn’t the only youngster who has stepped up to provide aid to vets who are homeless. Recently, a teenager from New Jersey stepped up to help as well.

This teenager is Michael Ferrara. He was motivated to do something to help the veterans when he came across a challenge on social media. This challenge was started by the non-profit organization, Houses for Warriors. It asked participants to do push-ups in an effort to educate the public about vets who are homeless and veteran suicide.

This really motivated the New Jersey teenager, according to Fox News. And, Ferrara stepped up in a major way. He raised almost $12,000 Of that total, he raised $10,315 by asking people to sponsor his race in the Marine Corps Marathon. Through efforts at his school, Ferrara added another $1,164.

His donations were used to help Houses for Warriors make a group home for vets in Colorado a reality.

The home will be the home to nine veterans.

“I decided to raise money for a Colorado nonprofit living in New Jersey because a homeless veteran is a homeless veteran,” Ferrara. “Our veterans have fought for all 50 states, not just one. So, I feel it would be wrong of me to not raise money for homeless veterans just because they happen to live in a different state.”

Learning that there are veterans enduring homelessness in this country was something the teenager just couldn’t abide.

“I think that’s absolutely unacceptable,” he said.