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70-Year-Old Veteran with Health Issues Says ‘Instinct Kicked In’ When Rescuing Neighbor From Burning Home

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Monday morning, a house fire broke out in a quiet Pennsylvania neighborhood. Before long, a local Marine Corps veteran named Jimmy Johnson was disregarding his own safety and rescuing his neighbor. To add to the heroism of the tale, Johnson is a seventy-year-old man with respiratory issues.

Some people are born to be heroes. It seems that Jimmy Johnson is one of those people. When asked about rescuing his neighbor, the veteran simply said his instincts kicked in. He knew someone needed help. So, he flew into action.

Seventy-Year-Old Veteran Talks About Rescuing His Neighbor

The fire started around 10 am Monday in Norristown Pennsylvania, “People,” reports. Not long after that, Johnson noticed smoke coming from a house just up the street from his. The vet knew that there wasn’t much time. He began running up the street to see if he could help. On his way, he dialed 911 and informed authorities of the fire.

Once arriving at the home, Johnson and some neighborhood youths kicked in the front door of the house. He began yelling for everyone to clear out, alerting residents to the fire. Then, he found out that there was someone trapped in an upstairs bedroom. This is the point when his instincts took over. Johnson went into action. The veteran wasn’t concerned with his own safety, he was focused on rescuing his neighbor from the blaze.

When Johnson reached the second floor, it was worse than he thought. The veteran said that his neighbor was on fire. He went to work trying to get the man down the stairs and out of the house. At the same time, Johnson was trying to put out the flames that had engulfed the other man’s hair.

Luckily, by the time Johnson got the man downstairs, the fire department had arrived. Once the man was safely away from the fire, first responders used a blanket to put out the flames.

Johnson told the local news outlet that going into the burning home without protective gear didn’t phase him. He was only concerned with saving the other man’s life.

However, firefighters and EMTs did check on him after it was all said and done. They needed to make sure that the heroic veteran was okay after rescuing his neighbor from the flames.

Norristown Fire Salutes Johnson

The Norristown Fire Department praised Johnson in a Facebook post. In that post, they said that Johnson would be honored at an upcoming municipal council meeting.

What a remarkable man… 70 yr old, Jimmy “The Cowboy” Johnson…. HERO! This morning around 10am, Mr. Johnson looked up…

Posted by Norristown Fire Department on Monday, March 15, 2021

During the post, the Norristown Fire Department added that they salute Mr. Johnson “for his service to our country and our community.” We couldn’t agree more. The world needs more people like Jimmy Johnson.