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72-Year-Old Army Veteran Tackles, Hogties Wanted Man in South Carolina

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Mike Simons/Getty Images

A wanted man in South Carolina is now in custody thanks to the efforts of a 72-year-old Army veteran named John Earl.

Earl told Florence County Sheriff Deputies that he was at home on Saturday morning when the suspect running through his backyard. He told police that he asked the man why he was running, but the suspect pushed him away. It was then that the Army veteran took down the suspect and hogtied him, before calling the police to come to pick him up.

The sheriff’s department has been on the manhunt for the suspect since Friday.

“I haven’t been pumped up like that in a long time,” Earl said. “It felt good but it felt good when the officers came and put the cuffs on him and took him out. They’re some fine officers.”

The identity of the wanted South Carolina man has not been released.

Korean War Veteran Honored With Medal of Honor 70 Years Later

Sticking with the topic of incredible military veterans, one Korean War veteran recently earned a medal of honor for the acts of bravery he displayed 70 years ago.

U.S. President Joe Biden awarded retired Army Colonel Ralph Puckett with the high honor for his service during the Korean War. It was Puckett who nearly gave up his own life to protect his fellow soldiers during a firefight. In fact, one of the soldiers that served under Puckett talked about how he always led by example. Merle Simpson said that Puckett was a true hero.

“You made a mistake under Ralph Puckett you — you did 50 pushups. But he’d get down and do 50 pushups,” Simpson said. “If there ever was a hero, he’s one. To me, he’s a hero. I couldn’t understand how a man could be wounded and want to be left but he did, he wanted his men to get off that hill. I think he understood that they would all be killed if we didn’t get out of there.”

Puckett was an Army Ranger during the war. And while there are no doubt many examples of his bravery to commend, there are a few that particularly stick out to Simpson. He explained the time that Puckett allowed himself to be a diversion so that his fellow Army Rangers could take the hill.

Later that night, the enemy retaliated with a counterstrike. And as a result, a grenade exploded and severely wounded Puckett. However, he didn’t let that get to him. He continued to direct fire.

But in the end, Puckett knew that they would soon be overrun. He promptly ordered his fellow soldiers to leave him behind and save themselves. But that was one order they didn’t follow. They carried Puckett to safety as well.