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75-Year-Old Explorer Dies Attempting Solo Row Across Atlantic Ocean

by Amanda Glover
(Photo By Andres Rodriguez/Europa Press via Getty Images)

While attempting to row across the Atlantic ocean, 75-year-old French adventurer Jean-Jacques Savin passed away.

After his death, Savin’s support team posted a statement on Facebook. “It is with great sadness that we have just learned of the death of our friend Jean-Jacques. The body of Jean-Jacques was found lifeless inside the cabin of his canoe l’Audacieux.”

On early January 1, Savin set a course from southwest Portugal. While heading towards Ponta Delgada in the Azores islands, he lost contact with his team.

According to his team, he activated two distress beacons to indicate he was experiencing troubles.

On Friday, Portugal’s maritime authority found Savin’s boat floating overturned near the Azores. A diver swam under the waterline to look inside the boat’s cabin. The diver discovered Savin’s body inside.

“Unfortunately, this time the ocean was stronger than our friend, who loved sailing and the sea so much,” Savin’s support team said.

Because his team wanted to refrain from giving details about his death, no further information will be released. However, they give their condolences to Savin’s daughter and partner.

This was not Savin’s first major adventure. After over four months at sea, he had already crossed the Atlantic ocean in a large orange barrel on a 2,930-mile journey.

He previously worked as a military paratrooper and a private pilot. According to his project’s website, Savin also climbed Mont Blanc in 2015.

Plane Plunges Into Ocean Killing Australian Family & Pilot

According to the National Library of Medicine, the majority of deaths at sea are due to sea catastrophes, injuries, poisoning, and unexpectantly going missing. In December last year, another series of tragic deaths at sea occurred. A plane crash in Australia claimed the lives of the pilot as well as a father and his two children.

Minutes after taking off for the sky, an airplane took an unexpected dive into the ocean.

According to The Sun, on Sunday, December 19th, 2021, the plane crashed off the end of the runway in Queensland’s Moreton Bay in Australia around 9 a.m. The plane’s 67-year-old pilot, Roy Waterson died as well as a 41-year-old Brisbane father and his 10 and 9-year-old daughter and son.

The group was headed northwest of Brisbane, Queensland when the plane suddenly plummeted into the ocean. Officials speculate that the plane had engine trouble after taking off. 

Witnesses discussed with media outlets that the plane flipped when the pilot was returning to the landing strip. Footage shows the four-seater plane underwater and upside-down. The onlookers also saw empty stretches from a fire and rescue truck.

According to Queensland Police Commissioner, Katarina Carroll, that plane is in a very difficult position in the wetland area. “We have currently got police and divers traveling to that area.”

Police Inspector Craig White also mentioned that divers recovered the bodies of two adults, which included the pilot. They also recovered the two children from the plane. “This is the last thing that any family needs to go through this time of the year,” he said referring to it being close to the holidays.

At Outsider, we give our deepest condolences to the families of those in the plane crash, and the loved ones of explorer Jean-Jacques Savin.