8 Hospitalized After Flight Bound for Nashville Hits Severe Turbulence

by Jonathan Howard

While making a flight from Tampa, Florida to Nashville, an American Airlines flight went through some pretty rough turbulence. In fact, the plane had to stop in Alabama so that six passengers and two flight attendants could be taken to a nearby hospital due to injuries. It was an unpleasant Wednesday afternoon for those involved.

Nashville Flight Troubles

  • American Airlines stated their flight had to make an emergency landing while on the way to Nashville
  • After the turbulence and landing, eight people were taken to a nearby hospital in Birmingham
  • Passengers on the plane detailed what they experienced
  • Some people on the plane had taken seatbelts off, not expecting the turbulence

What made the turbulence even worse, was the fact that passengers didn’t see it coming. The plane diverted their route in order to avoid a storm. So, believing they had gotten out of the way of the inclement weather, some had taken off their seatbelts.

There were passengers that talked about their experience afterward.

“I grabbed my drink and I was trying to make it not spill,” Brad Tice said. “There was no way to avoid not spilling the glass. Drinks were flying across the ceiling. Anyone not in a seatbelt, their heads hit the ceiling.

“The guy behind me, the ceiling cracked, he hit it so hard. I look up and the flight attendant is bloody, really bloody.”

A scary situation all around. Fortunately, there were doctors on the plane that were able to assist until the plane was on the ground. The flight eventually ended up making it all the way to Nashville. The plane landed at about 7:30 p.m. local time. Some of the passengers did not wait for the rescheduled flight and chose to drive to Nashville from Birmingham instead.

Injuries from American Airlines Flight

There is nothing worse than turbulence on an airplane. You have no control over it, you don’t know when it will stop, and you don’t really know what to do when you’re in the moment. This emergency landing was needed after the rough treatment that the folks onboard went through.

“I heard [the flight attendant] lost a tooth, or I don’t know if it was a bloody nose or what,” Tice explained. “They got her cleaned up and she just held that. We thought we were going to head all the way to Nashville, and then I think they talked to some of the other passengers. I know there was a child that was a lap child and wasn’t in a seatbelt that they were concerned about.”

In total, 10 passengers were evaluated by medical professionals. It sounds like everyone was a little worse for wear after the turbulence. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem like there were any severe injuries. Let’s hope everyone involved recovers quickly.