What Would You Do If You Saw 80 Ostriches Running Loose Through a City?

by Samantha Whidden

Approximately 80 ostriches reportedly escaped from a farm and ran loose in the streets of Chongzhou, China over the weekend.

NowThis shared the video of the flightless birds running down the streets of the city. It was reported that although the majority of the birds were recovered, ten to twenty of them are still missing. According to CGTN, the ostriches escaped through the gate to their pen. It was left unlocked. With assistance from authorities, the birds were safely returned. No one was injured in the incident. 

A similar situation happened a few months ago in Germany when a baby ostrich was randomly found in a forest. A German veterinarian evaluated the 4-to-5-month-old bird and said it was in good health. However, the animal’s origin was a mystery. The veterinarian spoke to a local Krefeld Zoo to see if it was missing flightless birds. But the establishment stated that all of its birds are accounted for. 

The flightless bird was eventually taken to an animal shelter nearby. Authorities continued to search for the bird’s owner.

Alabama Police Sought Loose Ostrich But Finds Emu Instead 

In March 2021, authorities in Fairhope Alabama received a call that an ostrich was on the loose. However, instead of finding the reported bird, the police found an emu instead. 

Meanwhile, in a Facebook post, the Fairhope police explained the differences between the flightless birds. “What is the difference between an ostrich and an emu? An ostrich is the largest flightless bird. An emu is the second largest. Ostriches can get up to 9-feet tall and just over 300 pounds. The emu can grow about 5-feet 6-inches tall and their weight ranges from 40 to 130 pounds. The ostrich is native to Africa. The emu is native to Australia.”

The authorities also state that ostriches have two toes on each foot. But emus have three toes on each foot. “An ostrich can run 40 mph. An emu can run 30 mph. Both can run faster than an animal control officer.”

Luckily, the owner of the emu was eventually found. But not without a few laughs. Most people responded to the post with some humor. One person wrote, “Sounds like the wild, wild west in Fairhope! Never a dull moment!”

Another Facebook user wrote, “Every week the Fairhope PD is out here chasing exotic wildlife!! Roosters, Donkeys, and Coyotes, oh my! And now we’ve unlocked the Emu level. Fairhope!! What are y’all doing over there??”

Other Facebook users are now using the information the authorities provided to help make sure they learn the differences between the flightless birds. One added, “So we’ll count toes if we ever find one lost. Good lesson. Thanks for saving Mr. Three toes.”