‘9-1-1’ Drops Fiery New Set Photo That Has Fans ‘Pumped’ for Season 5

by Anna Dunn

9-1-1 has dropped an exciting new set photo that’s getting fans stoked for season 5. The FOX network show, which stars Oliver Stark, Angela Bassett, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Aisha Hinds, Peter Krause, and Kenneth Choi, is set for a September release date.

“[Retweet] if you’re PUMPED for season 5! [fire emoji]” the show wrote in a tweet yesterday. Some fans immediately responded that it’s unfair you can only retweet something once.

When it comes to TV shows, 9-1-1 is a bit different, as it shows high-pressure situations involving different types of first responders. All of these emergency responders work their incredibly high-stress jobs, with many directly saving lives, while also managing their often messy personal lives.

One Actress Didn’t Do Research For Her ‘9-1-1’ Role: Here’s Why

When many actors talk about their process, they talk about doing research for a role beforehand. A year after she joined the cast in 2018, Jennifer Love Hewitt, who plays dispatcher Maddie Kendall, discussed why she didn’t do anything specific to prepare for the role.

“A more skilled actor probably would have (prepared), I did not,” the actress told AssignmentX in 2019. “I got the job very quickly, went to work very quickly, and just sort of leaned on everybody that had been there before me to help me understand what it was that I was going to do. And then very quickly (she) kind of made it my own.”

Love Hewitt’s role is far from simply playing a dispatcher, which doesn’t seem easy on its own. Her character, Maddie, has to deal with an abusive ex-husband all while working her high-stress job.

The lack of research doesn’t mean Love Hewitt had a lack of investment in her character. In fact, she’s been pitching ideas. One of the far more lighthearted storylines in 9-1-1 has been Maddie’s relationship with paramedic Howey “Chimney” Chan.

The two characters have a wonderful little “will they, won’t they” period before finally getting together. In that same interview with AssignmentX, Hewitt revealed something surprising about her role in making that relationship happen.

“It was one of the very first conversations I had with [9-1-1 showrunner/co-creator] Tim [Minear]. And I was like, ‘I have a really weird thought. But I think Maddie should date Chimney on the show,'” she said. “And he was like, ‘Oh, you know what? Yeah, she should do that.’”

For her, she loved that both characters, who had been through a ton of trauma on the show, get a bit of “sunshine” in each other. So while Jennifer Love Hewitt may not have done much research before joining the team, it’s almost as if she didn’t need to. The actress seemed to blend right in with the cast and has clearly left a lasting creative impression.

9-1-1 returns with its fifth season on Monday, September 20th.