9/11 Survivor Gets Emotional Speaking Out About First Responders Ahead of 20th Anniversary

by Michael Freeman

As 9/11‘s 20th anniversary approaches this weekend, it’s difficult not to look back and remember how our lives changed that day.

In a recent TMZ interview, a 9/11 survivor and first responder advocate emotionally recalls his fight for these heroes and how the years since then have been.

John Feal lost his foot working as a demolition supervisor at Ground Zero. Since that faithful day, he has been fighting for first responders and 9/11 survivors. Alongside people like Jon Stewart, Feal has battled Congress to fund first responder medical benefits through 2090. 9/11 survivors and first responders continue to die to this day from contaminants they were exposed to in lower Manhattan.

Despite eventually beating Congress and getting what they wanted, Feal is still bitter about the whole situation. “There’s no victories. Um, the way I’m talking to you now is that the way I acted all three times when the bill got passed. The only satisfaction I got was beating the snot out of Congress and the Senate, who I don’t like and I got a chip on my shoulder because it took so long to ensure that these men and women in uniform and non-uniform get the justice they deserve.”

Soon after, the interview pivoted to how Feal will spend 9/11. In response, Feals says he will take time to remember those who fell to senseless violence. Also, he mentioned remembering those we continue to lose. Saying he’d have to “fake a smile” and they would be hugging and crying, Feal has to stop briefly and compose himself, clearly affected by 9/11’s impact.

Overall, Feal states he wants everyone to come together to ignore their differences and remember our fallen heroes.

24-Mile Bike Ride Organized to Honor 9/11 Victims For 20th Anniversary

Though we, unfortunately, cannot undo the 9/11 attacks, we can ensure we never forget them. The National Memorial Trail Alliance is doing so by organizing a 24-mile bike ride to the Flight 93 National Memorial.

Beginning on September 18 at 9 a.m., the journey begins in Berlin, Pennsylvania. Appropriately, the ride ends when they reach the Flight 93 crash site in Storytown, Pennsylvania. This is the third annual ride and anyone is welcome to join.

Trail board member and former New York City firefighter Tim Brown told FOX News about what it means to him. Brown was also a first responder and survivor of 9/11.

“This is where anyone can join a bike ride, take a private walk, or just sit, remember, and connect history with memories. I think the Trail reminds us of the heroes lost, but for those of us who continued on, it reminds us of the courage to live more fully, more purposely.”

For those who can’t join the tour themselves, the National Memorial Trail Alliance encourages people to participate in self-guided journeys to honor those who fell on 9/11.