93-Year-Old Grandmother Recreates Dance with Granddaughter in Heartwarming Expression of Joy

by Kati Michelle

If you missed National Grandparents’ Day on September 12th a few days ago, there’s still time to do something special for your grandmother(s) or grandfather(s). Maybe you’d like to gift them a life-size bacon bust of their heads, like an artist recently gifted Luke Bryan on his Farm Tour. No? You could also just swing by an NYC food stand and opt for that gift route instead like Mariska Hargitay for Melissa McCarthy’s birthday. Okay, forget the food. Let’s really think BIG. I’m talking about a performance that’s “America’s Got Talent” level.

Maybe that’s a little dramatic, but there is one performance we’d like to share with our Outsiders today. It’s bound to make your heart smile, too! TikTok’s 93-year-old “Fran the Hip Gram” and her granddaughter are taking the internet by storm for their collaborative dances. Catch one of their latest “performances” below in a heartwarming expression of joy.

Grandmother Fran Gets Groovy

Marie Frances O’Brien, otherwise known as “Fran” or Fran the Hip Gram on TikTok, entered the world of dance pretty early on. Before gaining 3.4 million likes on TikTok, Fran performed in shows for WWII servicemen as a teen. Despite her massive following today, Fran never sought out internet fame or anything like that. Actually, her and 33-year-old granddaughter Allison Krause didn’t even start making videos together until this July. They’ve both been blown away by the reaction since.

So, what inspired the dynamic duo to bust a move in the first place? Well, the story touches your heart for sure. O’Brien’s daughter, Allison’s mom, Colleen Krause, got diagnosed with lymphoma. While undergoing the difficult process of chemotherapy, the two just wanted to make her smile. The hip grandmother tells Good Morning America:

“Allison came over and said, ‘Mom is so sad, and she looks really ill … Let’s make a funny video to make mom laugh. [So] we made a video, we danced and everything, and it did make her laugh, which I was so happy. That’s all we wanted to do.” She went on to talk about how she feels about her newfound stardom: “This is very new to me, because I never knew about TikTok. It’s just fantastic. And if it can bring joy and laughter, and these silly videos can make people laugh. That’s all I want.”

Check out their latest piece together here:


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♬ I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) – Whitney Houston

Keeping the Elderly Connected

The elderly have been one of the hardest-hit communities since the start of the pandemic. This is not only health-wise but socially as well. Between the quarantines and restrictions, many grandmothers and grandfathers find themselves lonely. Fran’s granddaughter spoke to GMA on the matter:

“The thing that makes my grandma even more happy is that she’s able to respond and comment and talk to people who are dealing with the loss of their grandmother or not being able to see their grandparents during COVID,” Allison Krause said. “She gets comments saying how much those videos have meant to them through some tough times. She lights up when she hears that.”