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‘Active Aggressor,’ Multiple Injuries Reported at Nashville Elementary School

by TK Sanders

Multiple people died at a private Christian school shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, Monday March 27. Police confirmed six victims died — three children and three adults — as well as the shooter, for a total of seven deceased.

The suspect, identified by police as Audrey Hale, 28, of Nashville, had a detailed map of Covenant School, a school for students in preschool through sixth grade. The shooter allegedly gained entry to the school via a side door, police said.

A spokesman for Vanderbilt University Medical Center confirmed that three pediatric patients were taken to their facility, all having suffered gunshot wounds.

All three were pronounced dead after arrival, according to hospital spokesman John Howser.

Student reunification with parents is at Woodmont Baptist Church, 2100 Woodmont Blvd. A police officer also suffered a non life-threatening hand injury from broken glass.

“I know this is probably the worst day of everyone’s lives,” said a Metro police officer to the crowd gathered. “I can’t tell you how sympathetic we are.” 

The Nashville Fire Department initially referred to the situation as an “active aggressor.” The scene is at the The Covenant School, a Christian school located at 33 Burton Hills Blvd.

“We are responding to an active aggressor at 33 Burton Hills Blvd Covenant School,” the fire department tweeted. “We can confirm we have multiple patients. Parents coming to the school should go to 20 Burton Hills at this time. This is an active scene.”

The school shooting occurred at Nashville’s Covenant School, which is located inside a Presbyterian Church and serves preschool through 6th grade

The school ran active shooter drills last year, according to the Daily Wire.

Nashville Mayor Freddie O’Connell said in a statement that the city “sadly, today joined the communities that have experienced a school shooting.”

“For now, my focus is turning to supporting the impacted families and revisiting our efforts to prevent these horrifying scenarios,” he added.

Parents lined up in the sanctuary of Woodmont Baptist Church to give first and last names of their children to police. 

Vice Mayor Jim Shulman was in the sanctuary passing out bottled water to parents and family members awaiting reunification.