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Adam Schefter Says the Jacksonville Jaguars are ‘Jealous’ of Oklahoma City Thunder’s 17 Future First-Round Picks

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)

As jokes go, the Jacksonville Jaguars season seems to be one of the best running gags around. Although that might be disappointing to thousands of people, Adam Schefter is making light of it.

Schefter responded to a tweet about the Oklahoma City Thunder, and joked that the Jaguars are jealous.

Schefter jokingly implies that the Jaguars wish they could be in the Thunder’s position. The Jaguars need all the draft picks they can get to try to claw out of the current state of the franchise.

However, the Jacksonville Jaguars do possess a lot of future picks. Most of them are not first-round picks though. As Schefter points out the Jaguars are rebuilding.

A Schefter Comedy Bomb

All that said though, in next year’s draft – 2021 – the Jaguars have 12 picks. Only two of those are in the first round. The pick breakdown is fairly standard. From 2023 on, the jaguars have yet to acquire any new picks or give any away.

So as of right now for 2021, the Jaguars have 2 in the second round, 1 in round three, 2 in round four, 3 in the fifth, one in the sixth, and 2 in the seventh. Sparing the details, the Jaguars have one pick in round one in 2022. Over the rest of the rounds, there are seven picks for the team.

Jaguars fans are practically proving Schefter right. For example, the Jaguars fans are doing their best to try and convert the fifth-round conditional Ngakoue pick into a third.

Schefter typically drops breaking news via Twitter, though rarely tweeting jokes. Jacksonville fans may not be too thrilled with this one.

One fan responds sadly asking Schefter why he needs to bring the lowly Jaguars into the conversation.

The poor Jaguars fanbase just can’t catch a break. However, there is still plenty of time left to accrue first-round draft picks for the next five years.