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Adorable Little Boy Goes Viral for Eating His Veggies Right Out of the Ground

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Volkmar Heinz/picture alliance via Getty Images)

When little Jack heads outside for the day, he does more than just play…he grabs a delicious vegetable snack, too!

Four-year-old Jack from Anchorage, Alaska is a big fan of anything that comes out of his family’s garden.

Give the little boy a piece of kale, a turnip, some broccoli, or even a few sweet potatoes and he is in heaven.

Jack will pick his healthy snacks right out of the ground, too. Dirt doesn’t bother him, either. He just shakes it right off.

The little boy’s proclivity for picking his green and delicious healthy snacks out of the ground has recently gone viral after Jack’s parents, Trent and Oksana, posted videos of their son enjoying some of the family’s garden snacks.

Sharing Jack’s Love Of Veggies

In the video, which is now trending on TikTok, we see little Jack as he munches away on some garden goodies.

“What is that?” Jack’s mom asks in the video.

“It’s kale!” the little boy responds in between bites.

“Is kale good for you?” Jack’s mom asks.

“Yeah,” says Jack as he continues snacking on the healthy plant.

“We started recording the videos of Jack in his garden because we enjoyed watching him interact with his food,” said Trent of his young son.

The parents note that they thought sharing these adorable videos online would help other families encourage the same type of healthy snacking.

In the adorable viral videos, little Jack can be seen working hard in the garden as takes a few breaks in between chores for a moment of snacking on the produce.

He spends his time picking vegetables, sorting out the best ones, and, of course, taking some of the goodies for himself every so often. Straight out of the ground.

The young boy’s parents say it was important for them to start showing their children from a young age how the vegetables are grown; how they help bodies grow; and how important it is to regularly eat lots of healthy foods.

Not Only Does Jack Like His Vegetables, But He Knows All About Them!

Part of what Jack loves about his gardening time is learning all about the vegetables he is helping to grow.

“What does broccoli have in it?” Trent asks his young son.

“Calcium!” responds an excited Jack.

“What does Calcium do?” Trent asks the boy.

“Helps your bones get stronger,” says Jack.

Clearly, this little guy knows exactly what he’s doing.

“We try to incorporate a couple of food facts each meal,” Trent notes of how his son has gotten to know all about his vegetables so well.

The parents note that Jack’s love for the delicious produce started very early during meal times.

“I presented two healthy options and I let him choose “which one would you like?”” Oksana says of how she encouraged Jack to enjoy his vegetables.

“He was on a kick of eating one food a lot and he didn’t want any other foods so I’d give him options,” the mother continues. “Healthy versus healthy.”